Friday, August 25, 2017

Five on Friday - August 25, 2017

Happy Friday all! I hope you all had a great week - mine was a little quieter than last week, which is good! Isn't is crazy to think that Summer is almost over?! It has just flown by!


Well apparently this was my week of hair freebies - I usually sign up for freebies when I hear about them, because who doesn't love free stuff?! But, I wasn't expecting 2 different John Frieda samples and a Garnier sample too! I always like these samples for travelling or a quick night away from home. 


I can't believe this little monkey is already 4 months old (as of Wednesday)! Elliott is growing like crazy and is already over 16 pounds! He is the cutest little chubby boy and is so sweet and mellow - time is just flying by!


Easily one of our favorite things to do in Calgary is go to the zoo - Elliott is only 4 months old and we have already taken him 3 times! The Calgary Zoo just opened a new, interactive lemur exhibit so we really wanted to go check it out! It was so cute and they just run around all over the place! The best part is Elliott fit so well in his carrier now and it is perfect for these outings!


It's about time I finished the final season of Pretty Little Liars - was I the only one who thought the final season wasn't the best?! I just thought they tried too many twists and weird storylines. But I still enjoy the show overall!

I'm still currently watching Gilmore Girls, but will need some post GG recommendations - what are you bingewatching on Netflix currently?


I'm not super all over new music now; but I had to check out T. Swift's new song and happen to love it! It's a little edgier and darker than her typical music - but I'm a fan! I'm looking forward to this album!

I hope you all have a great weekend! I am dropping my older son, Damian off for his first time at a week-long overnight outdoor camp! He has only ever spent that long away from home with family! I'm actually getting a little nervous (is that weird even though he is 12?!) but I want him to have so much fun! It's just hard for me to have him gone for that long - what am I going to do all week!!!


  1. I got the garnier and the brunette version of JF, so far I only tried the JF I liked the shampoo not a big conditioner fan because my hair is so fine. You won't believe the ending of PLL it was so good, didn't see the ending at all!

    1. Good to know - I will try the JF soon! I didn't mind the PLL ending but it wasn't the best for me!