Monday, August 21, 2017

Manicure Monday - The Little Mermaid Nails!

I'm clearly sticking to a nail theme this month - mermaids! 

Manicure Monday - Mermaid Nails!

This manicure did not turn out as pretty as I was hoping for; but, I ended using a couple of products that I was really disappointed in and that resulted in a less than perfect mermaid look!

Now, I could have just taken it off and did something different; but, 1. I don't have nearly enough time to get more than one nail look done a week, and 2. while I try and remain positive on the blog, if a product is not great I think you should know about it too!!! 

Here is a look at the products I used for this week's nails:
Manicure Monday - Mermaid Nails!

-Mermaid nail stencils from KaylaRayVinyls ~ I was disappointed that these were not an actual vinyl material (I purchased a few vinyl decals from here too and they came in the vinyl material which is great). But these were a weird sticky plastic, but they would not adhere at the edges of my nails so I could not get a proper paint over them. These were way too hard to use - I wish they were actual vinyl material.
-Mermaid Nail Water Decals from Southern Country Nails ~ this shop is no longer around. If you saw my last mani on water decals these are generally really easy to use. You pop them in water, remove the backing and then apply to the nail. These were a super thick material and actually folded away from the nail so they would not lay flat at all. Then you were supposed to used top coat to flatten them which just made the edges really visible. 
-Ceramic Glaze polish in Surf's Up ~ no complaints, this is beautiful! Used as my base shade on all nails. 
-Different Dimension in Up All Night ~ again, beautiful shade! Used as my mermaid scale topper! 

Manicure Monday - Mermaid Nails!

Sorry, this turned in to more of a negative post as I normally am really happy with everything I try, but it happens every once in a while! They are still cute... from far away... wish me better luck next week for my nails! 

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