Friday, January 20, 2017

Five on Friday - January 20, 2017

Happy Friday everyone! This was my first week back to work so it felt like a long week! I am looking forward to the weekend! 

I just updated my first 5 books of 2017 that I have read, so check out my books page or follow my instagram as I always post my reviews there too (along with everything else!)


How cute is this Champagne Shimmer Bath Bomb from Charmed Aroma?! These come with little jewelry gifts inside of them (they make candles like this too!)

I got this as a gift this week and I am really excited to use this - obviously I a bit of a bath bomb addict! 


This week I was also selected for another Glamsense box! Glamsense is a totally free review program, where Topbox sends surveys regarding products and you fill out the answers according to your profile and if you match up with specific products, you receive them to review! You then have a specified amount of time to complete reviews and submit them - if you don't meet the timeline, you may not be eligible for future Glamsense boxes! 

I was selected for the John Frieda Volume box and I amreally looking forward to testing these out as they smell so good! 


A few drugstore purchases this week as I was out for my lunch break one day:
  • NYX Finishing Powder in "Banana" - I was sooooo excited this week when I found this! I initially purchased the banana powder on a U.S. shopping trip and have looked for it ever since as it is the best under-eye concealer setter! Anyways, I have not been able to find it for almost a year (and my original is getting dangerously low!) so thankfully London Drugs had it this week! 
  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in "Golden-I" - I absolutely love Sally Hansen polishes! The price is always great and these are some of the only polishes that rarely chip on me! How amazing is this shade?! I will being using it right away! 


I have a new obsession this week - Overnight Oats! Why have I never tried these before!? I'm in love! I haven't tried them before because I thought they cooked overnight and that would be a pain to worry about dishes in the morning! 

The best part about these - there is no cooking! Just mix everything up in a bowl and store it overnight! It has a bit of a different texture than cooked oats, but it is really good! 

I have been using the recipes from Wholefully and my favorite is the Chocolate Peanut Butter and the Tropical Fruit! But, I really want to try the Carrot Cake and the Banana Chocolate Chip! 


I got another fun Kickstarter game in the mail this week too - Psychiatrist The Game! This is apparently supposed to be a new twist on Charades by acting out strange symptoms - there is a couple different ways to play, but we love fun new card games so I am excited to give this a shot! 

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend - wish me luck, I will be searching for my brand new Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette that was brand new in a box and has decided to grow legs and disappear on me! I will dismantle my makeup room this evening in hopes that I find it!!! 


  1. I also received that John Freida box from Glamsense and I'm really enjoying it so far! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it. I also made my first batch of overnight oats this week and while I wasn't 100% sold (it was a little too bitter), I can't wait to try more recipes because I LOVE the idea, so thanks for the suggestions!

    1. Ya I love the the smell of the John Freida goodies!!! And I hope you like the recipes I shared (I found them to be sooo good), and if they are bitter I like using regular yogurt instead of greek!