Friday, January 13, 2017

Five on Friday - January 13, 2017

Hi everyone!!! I feel like I have been gone for so long - I am just home from my 2 week vacation in Kauai, Hawaii! I have never been before and it was so beautiful! I will do a travel recap soon and tell you guys all about it! 

Hopefully you followed along on instagram (@reneeclementine) so you could see how beautiful it was when I was there! 


Here is a look at the goodies/souvenirs from my trip to Kauai - I always love to find things I will actually use! I got:
  • Handmade Lychee Soap
  • Hawaiian Mango Lipbalm
  • Lavarock Pumice Stone
I am so excited to use this pumice stone - how cool is this?! And the lychee soap smells unreal!!! 


We haven't talked about CHRISTMAS yet!!! Here are some of the beauty goodies that I got in my stocking (we always just do great stockings and little gifts for Christmas!)

I am so excited about these gifts! Lush Sympathy For the Skin and the Lush Rudy gift set! Also all these ColourPop goodies you will be seeing the reviews up soon (there might even be a black lippie in there!)

I also got a ton of other amazing gifts - it was almost hard to leave on vacation right after Christmas, I like to take a few days and go through everything! 


I am soooo excited to get planning for the year! I went with a really big planner this year because I think there will be a LOT going on! 

This is a 1canoe2 brand planner - found at Chapters! I love this thing! Also, how funny is this sticker book from Anxiety Aids and some fun little accessories! 

I finally took the plunge and got a Netflix subscription today - am I the last person ever to get Netflix?! I haven't really felt the need for it until today because of this:

I love this book series so much and was so excited when I pulled up the series and see that it follows the first few books - there are 13 books in total so there will obviously be a few more seasons! 

I have only watched 1 episode, but I love that they really seem true to the essence of the books - characters, language, lemony snicket, everything (except a little twist at the end of the first episode?!) I will have to watch the rest of the season! 

What else should I be watching on Netflix?


Over Christmas, my husbands sister and her husband were visiting from Sweden and they brought the most amazing baby gift ever!!! This is handmade by my brother-in-law's Grandmother and it is a baby nest so if baby needs to nap anywhere or lay in bed with you, they have this safe little nest to do it!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, New Years and start to 2017! I will get back in to blogging slowly this weekend! 


  1. Can't wait to hear all about you trip to Hawaii. The photos that you posted on Instagram are beautiful!