Friday, June 10, 2016

Five on Friday - June 10, 2016

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all had a great week! I have to say sorry for no Wine and Mask Wednesday (I was with a friend catching up on the 2 nights worth of the Bachelorette and I was exhausted afterwards!)

makeup room office inspiration
makeup room office inspiration

My Beauty Office has been a work in progress for the last little bit after we finished developing our basement! It is finally organized! I really like the awesome little makeup organizers I got and love having most of it on display! 

After organizing all my makeup and nail goodies, it made me realize that I have a ton of other stuff that can't be moved in to this room! All of my skincare/hair and body goodies are in my Master Bathroom (and it's not nearly as pretty) but I thought I would share my skincare storage with you guys as well! 

skincare storage

skincare storage

Here is the rest of my goodies! As I was reorganizing everything I did a big purge (but since I use pretty much everything, I couldn't part with much!)

emma watson bookclub persepolis

Did you guys see the new book for Emma Watson's book club? This has been on my to-read list for a while! There was a waiting list at my library so I jumped on Amazon and scooped it up! I am so excited to jump in to this book club! If you are interested, you can join the Our Shared Shelf book club on Good Reads!

jaclyn hill champagne glow collection face palette

jaclyn hill champagne pop eyeshadow palette

Oh drama, drama, drama... have you guys heard what is going on with Becca over the Becca x Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette? I briefly touched on it in my post on the eyeshadow palette here (and you can see my face palette review here). 

So, Becca and Jaclyn came up with the Champagne Collection which included an expansion of the Champagne Pop highlighter as well as a limited edition face palette and eyeshadow palette. When people started receiving their eyeshadow palettes there was complaints about the quality - apparently all Becca eyeshadow palettes are made in the USA and this palette was made in China. Becca was assured using this factory that the quality would be on par and there should have been no concerns. People were not happy and thought everyone was out to make money by sourcing their products elsewhere.

Where the problem for me really started was people were personally attacking Jaclyn Hill and writing terrible things directly to her all over social media. She requested Becca stop selling the palette and they agreed. I get concerned when people make everything personal and write terrible things about another person over makeup - return if you don't like it or use it if you like. It should not be anything more than that! Makeup is supposed to be FUN!

pink lilies

orange lilies

Just a few shots of the start of my flowers in my Garden!!! I love lilies and the fuchsias are my favorite! They are doing so well right now!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend - I have quite a busy weekend coming up but it should be lots of fun! 


  1. Yeah the Jaclyn Hill thing is interesting. I don't know how anyone could ever personally attack her, that just blows my mind. People are so fickle. Is it weird that all this talk has made me want to get the eye shadow palette? (Maybe it's better that I can't buy it anymore lol)

    1. Well it certainly made the limited edition palette even more limited edition! I'm glad I got one, but only because I like the shadows!