Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wine + Mask Wednesday (Elephant Island Blackberry Wine + The Face Shop Acai Berry Sheet Mask)

Ahhh... it's been a stressful week - I'm happy it is Wine and Mask Wednesday! My theme this week is "berries" - yum! (I know this theme comes up a fair bit, but there are so many berry wines and berry masks that I just can't help myself! 

Here is my Wine of the Week:

Elephant Island Blackberry Wine ~ $17.99. "Think cinammon brushed strawberries + black berries, fresh off the tree plums wrapped in a tangy clean finish. Picnic basket, blanket, served chilled. Uh huh."

Honestly, Elephant Island is probably my favorite winery - there are strictly a fruit winery, so their wines are just amazing! The Winery is located in Naramata, B.C. If you are around the area - this winery is a must-do! Here is a look at the Blackberry Wine:

This is just the right amount of sweet, with a touch of tart. It is bold and flavorful and just delicious - it is one of my favorite wines and probably my fiance's favorite! If you ever see Elephant Island wines, buy them (they aren't in too many liquor stores!)

And, to pair with my wine, here is my Mask of the Week:

The Face Shop Real Nature Sheet Mask - Acai Berry ~ $2. "This Acai Berry Face Mask offers you soft, firm skin in no time! As a powerful antioxidant, acai has toning and invigorating properties that are perfect for tired skin."

I was given this mask at the Face Shop store, as an extra item on my purchase (that's why it says not for sale!). I don't often need masks for lifting the skin; however, I perked up when I saw it was for tired skin too! So perfect, the last few nights I have not been getting enough sleep and it is starting to show! 

This mask was easy to apply: you just wash and tone your face, slip the sheet mask on for 10-15 minutes, remove, pat in the extra essence, and complete your skin care routine. The Face shop masks, always come with extra essence in the package, so I always apply this to my face first! 

This mask was pretty soaked in essence, and a bit bigger fit than I usually prefer - I like to be able to pull the mask a bit tighter on my face. That being said, I really liked this mask - my skin felt amazing when it was off! It looked nicer too! There was a lot of essence left to pat in to my skin, and it didn't feel sticky at all. I have to say overall, I really like The Face Shop sheet masks - they are affordable and work well!! 

How was your Wine + Mask Wednesday?

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