Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 2015 Topbox - Canadian Beauty Subscription Review

TopBox is a Canadian Beauty Box Subscription - for $12 CDN a month with free shipping, you will receive 4 deluxe sample size or full size products. You fill out a beauty profile and generally receive products based on what you have identified in the profile. Also, every month you have the option to wish for a "prive" box, which is a box that focuses on one brand or product for the whole box.

TopBox is a Canadian company and only ships to Canada. The only downside to subscribing to TopBox is that there is a wait-list that can take a month or two to get off of.

For May, I opted for the regular Topbox. Here's a look:

Topbox always comes in a signature purple mailer! 
Topbox also comes with a simple product card explaining what was included:

I also forgot to take a picture of everything together (sorry, so forgetful - that is not the first time this month! Whoops). Here is a closer look at the products inside:

The Face Shop Herb Cleansing Foam - Aloe ~ sample size 100 ml for $3.53 (full size is 170 ml for $6). This cleanser will leave your skin supple and soft to the touch. Its formula is enriched with aloe and its soft foaming texture soothes irritated skin and provides the epidermis with intense hydration.
This is a big sample - I thought it was full sized! I really like the Face Shop and am happy to receive something that is reasonably priced to replace - don't get me wrong I love receiving luxury products, but it is nice to see both affordable and luxury! This will happily get used!

The Face Shop Seaweed Moisturizing Pack ~ sample size 30 ml foe $3.27 (full size is 110 ml for $12). Moisture pack to moisturize and soothe dry and tired skin. Non sticky provides moisture for vital glowing skin. 
This is recommend as a nighttime moisturizer/sleeping pack! I use a sleeping pack every night so this is a happy addition to my collection. I am really happy to see Topbox expanding to the K-Beauty world! 

D:fi Reshapable Spray ~ sample size 9 ml for $1.62 (full size is 150 ml for $27). A medium hold finishing spray for flexible styling. Gives a medium hold to hair styles to give a natural finish. You can reshape your hair at any time after using this spray.
This is a super small sample size - i'm not really pleased with how small it us. Plus, online it is much less than $27 - on a good note, if you like this product it is currently on sale on Amazon for $3! I don't often style my hair, so this just isn't a product for me - I will pass it on! 

Medusa's Makeup Eyeshadow in "Midnight Oil" ~ full size $8. Medusa’s Make-Up pressed eye shadow collection is a highly pigmented mineral pressed powder with micro sparkles. For best results, apply “Stick it” primer then apply with a brush.
I actually really like this color - it is very sparkly! Would make a great touch on some pretty night out makeup! 

For $12, I received 4 products (1 full sized) with a total value of $16.42. This is probably the lowest value I have seen in a Topbox. I am not dissapointed though, I am happy with the 2 Face Shop products and the eyeshadow - I could have done without the hair product! 

What did you think of the May Topbox? What did you get this month?


  1. Ooooooh I wish this was available in the US! I love the products you got, especially the face shop products!

    Priyanka | http://glamourandgiggles19.blogspot.com/

    1. I was really happy with this bag - I really liked that they included The Face Shop!

  2. I got the same as you, except rather than the hair product I got a teeny (5 ml) Essie nail polish. I also received one in last month's Topbox (different colour) so I was not thrilled with the repetition. When I previously subscribed to Luxebox, I got full size Essie nail polish a couple of times. I think this is the lowest dollar value I've received in a Topbox. And I don't really want to see two products by the same brand in a Topbox. Usually I'm pretty positive about my Topbox, but not this month.

    1. Yes i got that little teeny tiny bottle last month too - even Topbox has sent out full size Essie before! I do agree that it is the lowest value month I have seen since subscribing for almost a year! It's hard to know what to expect because their boxes are so random! I am hoping for better next month!