Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 2015 Beauteque Mask Maven Subscription Review

Beauteque is an American company that focuses on creating a beauty bag subscription featuring Asian Beauty products. Beauteque launched their original "BB Bag" Subscription in January of this year and their "Mask Maven" was just launched in March - this is their 3rd bag! 

The Mask Maven subscription is described as:

"The Mask Maven is a luxurious subscription service offering a lovely assortment of masks each month to keep your skin smooth, soft, and spectacular. 
You will receive all kinds of masks including face sheet masks, hand and feet masks, hair masks, wash off masks, and more."

Beauteque Mask Maven is $15 monthly - if you sign up for a longer subscription, you can save a little money: $14 per month if you sign up for 6 months, or $13 per month if you sign up for 12 months. Shipping per month is $3.95 for the U.S., $5.95 to Canada, and $8.95 to Europe. Each month you can expect to receive 9-11 masks of all varieties

Here is a look at the May 2015 Mask Maven:

Mask Maven comes in an organza pouch every month!
Here is a closer look at the products I received:

Missha Pure Source Sheet Mask in "Honey" ~ $1.99. Pure cotton sheet mask enriched with Honey ingredient, makes your fatigued skin firm, glowing, and moisturized. 
This mask is an exact replica from my March bag - I did like this mask so I don't want to complain too much but I do look forward to seeing new things in my subscriptions! 

Leaders Pore-Scaling Black Aqua Mask ~ $3.50.  Change your complexion with this renewing black mask enriched with various nutrients. Gets rid of excessive sebum, dead skin cell buildups, unclean skin, and dull-darkened skin. Formulated with extracts like Volcanic Ash, Sugar Maple Extract, Soybean Extract, and more to purify and tighten enlarged pores. 
Leaders is a great mask brand - this one is very specialized so I am going to save it for when my skin isn't feeling great! 

Etude House Korean Ginseng ~ $0.95. This mask sheet contains nourishing Korean Ginseng extract (Panax Ginseng Root Extract), enhancing a youthful complexion by revitalizing exhausted and lifeless skin. 
Again, this mask is an exact duplicate from my last month's pouch - I have yet to try it but will soon! I would prefer to have received a different type of mask then the exact same type as last month... 

Humanpia Costech Daylight & Hue Essence Sheet Mask "Cucumber" ~ $1.80. Concentrated high moisture and nutrition for cleaning ones skin, helps skin relax from fatigue and stress. 
Sounds like exactly what I need right now - I will be trying this right away! This brand has been included before and I like their masks. 

My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask ~ $1.46 (10 for $14.60). Brightening, improving fine lines and oil control. 
This mask is good for oil control and balancing - my skin isn't generally oil prone but with summer coming up it is certainly something I will need! Also, while I like My Beauty Diary this is the 5th MBD mask I have received in the first 3 months of this subscription - they have all been different types which I am happy with, but I would prefer a little more variety!

Hanaka Pomegranata + Q10 ~ $2.18 (5 masks for $10.90) This is a Botanic Treatment Reviving Mask for Resiliency.
I actually received this exact mask in my April Mask Maven. I recently tried a Hanaka mask and LOVED it, but I am not happy that this is only their 3rd bag and I have a repeat! 

It’s Skin Todak Todak Pack Vitality ~ $3.50. Leaves skin smooth, silky and moisturized. Contains grape which is full of vitamin C and moisture to create clean and healthy skin. Contains blueberry for youthful looking skin.  
So Beauteque has this as a wash of pack; however, this particular type (there may have been more than 1 type sent out) is actually a sleeping pack (as per the It's Skin website), so you apply before bed and rinse it off in the morning! I love sleeping packs and these little todak todak packs have been on my list to try so I'm excited! 

Nature Republic Shea Butter Hand & Nature Moisture Hand Mask ~ $4. This moisturizing hand mask is good for your everyday lifestyle and you can wear them as your daily gloves. This moisture hand mask "hugs" every inch of your hands and its rich ingredients af vanilla, shea butter, honey, milk, and almond leaves your dry and rough hands hydrated and silky, while rich collagen makes your hands as soft and smooth as a baby's.
I have tried little finger masks before and really liked them, so I believe I will like a whole hand mask just as much!! 

Etude House Sunshine in Spoon Scrub Massage Yogurt - Raspberry ~ $4.50 for 2 pieces. This yogurt wash-off pack gently massages the skin with its peeling particles. The raspberry has an antioxidant effect that provides rich vitamins to achieve clear and soft skin. 
These are different and I am happy that their are 2 of these masks to use! 

This month's Beauteque's Mask Maven subscription came with 9 masks (10 if you include that the Etude House mask is actually 2), with a total value of $23.88. I never expect mask subscriptions to come with a huge value - I like them to discover new types of masks and different brands to try. 

Overall, this month was just okay. There was some really great, new masks to try - pore-scaling, todak todak pack, hand mask etc. What I was upset about was that this is Mask Maven's 3rd month and I have already received 3 identical duplicate masks in this bag. I am fine with duplicate brands, but not fully duplicate products so soon! 

I was actually going to cancel this subscription (just because I am trying to cut down and save a little money), but I forgot so it just renewed for another 3 months! I So, for June, July and August I will do comparison's between Mask Maven and Mask Genie! 

Do you subscribe to Mask Maven? What do you think so far?


  1. Wow. That many duplicates is VERY disappointing. I know not everyone gets the same masks every month but they definitely need to get some quality control going. And if that means sending everyone the same masks every month, they need to do it. I think they have ordering issues. It's hard because I love what they are doing but the execution sometimes fails.

    1. Yes I agree - or at least keep track somehow of what they send to who! I really like Beauteque as well so I'm hoping that by subscribing for 3 more months I will see improvements with Mask Maven!! fingers crossed!!