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April 2015 - Mask Genie Mask Pouch Review

Mask Genie is a newer all mask subscription service - started in January 2015! 

Mask Genie offers 2 different pouches:

  • 5 masks for $12
  • 10 masks for $22
The price for each pouch includes worldwide shipping!  

When you sign up for Mask Genie, you must purchase each month individually (although, Genie does say if you contact her you may request automatic re-billing)

Mask Genie describes their service as:
"MaskGenie is a monthly masks membership service, which delivers a beautifully packaged drawstring pouch straight to your door containing a variety of fun and exciting masks from Asia.

Unlike other masks subscription services, MaskGenie gives you the freedom to choose what you buy and when you buy, so you never feel tied to anything. Throughout the year, there will also be Limited Edition Luxury Mask Pouches that you can purchase as an extra treat for yourself or for a friend.

MaskGenie is not only your usual masks subscription service where you receive a bunch of random masks each month, but with MaskGenie, all products are carefully chosen and curated by us, all in order to give you the best selection of the craziest, coolest, and hottest trends!

No matter what skincare concerns you may have, MaskGenie provides only the best masks that care for your skin from head to toe. You now have an opportunity to try out all the different types and brands of masks from Asia."

For the past few months I have order the 5 Mask Pouch, so for April I thought I would try the 10 mask pouch - here's a look:

This month the 10 Mask Pouch came in a pink drawstring bag, and I appreciate that Mask Genie takes the time to organize every pouch the same and in a specific order! (I forgot to take a photo again - I don't know what is wrong with me lately?) 

Mask Genie does not include a product card but she does a youtube un-boxing video. I do have to say for this pouch, I am very happy that Genie did a video because I wasn't quite sure what a few of products were! Here is a closer look at the goodies inside:

The first product that is pictured is a bonus item! This is a hand size heating pad and lasts for a long time - sounds good to me!

Mise en Scene Perfect Repair Ampoule ~ $5. (6 small bottles for $30). Revive severely damaged hair. 
Genie notes that this is to help repair split ends! Interesting, I have never seen a hair ampoule so that's quite different! I like that Genie included this, it is different than what is normally included in these pouches. 

The History of Whoo UI: Gold Peel Off Mask ~ individual size approx 2ml for $1.38 (full size is 80 ml for $55) The Peel off mask to exfoliate dead skin cell and the gold flakes will make the skin glowing and shining.
I have never tried products from this brand before and have seen it quite a few places. I love peel off masks and this sounds so fancy with gold flakes in it - I am excited to try it! Also, this is great variety as this pouch usually just has sheet masks (not that I would complain, I love sheet masks!)

It's Skin Black Head Clear Nose Sheet ~ $0.49 (7 for $3.44). Charcoal extract removes black heads in pores clearly. 

These nose strips are always handy to have around - I have not tried this specific brand, but they all generally work the same so I am happy to try it! 

Arezia Eye Mask - Wrinklelift, Moisturizing, & Eliminating Under-Eye Bags ~ $5.90. Whitening, long term moistening, eliminating dark circles, increase elasticity in eye region, and prevent the formation of dark circles.
These are hydro-gel masks that you leave on for 20 minutes - I love eye masks so this is great! I am also very impressed with the variety in this pouch!

TCM Mask Chinese Traditional Medicine Sleeping Pack Fomes Japonica Spore ~ $1.20. The Chinese Medicine Masks series adopt the latest technology to extract the essence from the pure natural Chinese herbal medicine. It combines the traditional Chinese medical theory thoroughly with the modern beauty industry; therefore greatly enhance the effect of beauty nursing which especially suits for the skin of eastern females. 
I love sleeping packs - I use them every night! I have a feeling this pouch will go a long way as you need very little product for a sleeping pack!

Soo Beaute Jeju Guava Mask ~ $1.56 (pack of 10 for $15.60). Soo Beauté Jeju Guava Anti-Anting Moisturizing Mask is derived from natural ingredients and brings a hydrating and moisturizing effect to your skin. With its MMB penetrating system, the mask delivers a full hydrating effect deep into skin. Jeju Guava Anti-Anting Moisturizing Mask is rich in vitamin C and tannin which together deliver an anti-oxidant and excellent skin whitening effect, together with anti-aging properties enhanced by added hyaluronic acid. Helps retain water in the skin and prevent premature wrinkles. Mung Bean Extract helps in smoothing the skin.
This sounds like a good mask - apparently Eastern Guava is different than Western Guava, but I am excited! And I am happy to see a beloved sheet mask in here! 

Sasatinnie Platinum White Truffle Brightening Silky Mask ~ approx $1. Brightening and improve skin tone. Luxurious platinum delays skin aging by enhancing skin's absorption power. Skin reveals youthfulness. Improve skin pigmentation and radiance by Artubin, ECO Gigawhite, ECO Licorice extracts and Mulberry extracts. Skin is whitened and brightened with improved skin tone's fairness.
My skin loves brightening masks - it is one of my general go-to types of masks! I am excited to try this one. 

My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Total Effects Black Mask ~ $3.78 ($18.90 for 5). Free of parabens, alcohol and fluorescent agents, this facial mask from My Beauty Diary contains Tahitian black pearl essence with rich vitamins, minerals and amino acids to pamper tired and dull skin. 3D hyaluronic acid molecules lock in moisture, while deep-sea red algae and mallow extracts make skin smooth and soft.
This mask contains hyaluronic acid and it for rejuvenating and revitalizing  - this is also a 3D mask so it is supposed to fit around your neck as well. I love black masks so I am excited 

illi Mugwort Calming Mask ~ $1.22 (10 for $12.18). Calming mask with mugwort extracts soothes and moisture skin. 
I like the idea of a "calming" mask for skin! Sounds interesting - without Genie's video again I'm not sure if I could have figured this one out, but I am excited to try it! 

Aritaum Ganoderma Lucidum Fresh Essence Mask ~ $3 (7 for $21). This mask uses a type of fungi/mushroom as their ingredient - "lingzhi" in Chinese, or "reishi" in Japan.
Genie notes in her video that this made her skin feel very smooth and silky! 

This was my first 10 mask pouch (I have tried the 5 mask pouch before) and I was very happy with it. I paid $22 and received $24.53 worth of products - this is a general estimate as some were in American prices and some were in Canadian, it also doesn't include shipping for anything. Mask Genie's pouch to me is about much more than the value of the masks - she really takes the time to curate a great pouch! I really love this subscription. This pouch especially had a really great variety and I loved everything! 

I sadly only ordered the 5 pouch mask for May because I have too many masks (but I use a lot so I'm okay with that), and now I am wishing for the 10 pouch instead! I will definitely be getting the 10 pouch mask for June! I know I am cutting down on subscriptions, but this one is not going anywhere!!! 

Have you tried MaskGenie's Mask Pouch? What do you think of the April pouch?

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