Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wine + Mask Wednesday (Thornhaven Wine + Mediental Snail Aquaring S.O.S. Solution Mask)

Time for my second installment of Wine + Mask Wednesday!

Let's dive right in! 

Today, my wine for you is:

Thornhaven is an Estate Winery in Summerland, B.C. - it is located along the "Bottleneck Drive" wine route. They have a beautiful location if you ever get the chance to visit, and great wines!
They describe their wine-making as:

Inspired by Thornhaven’s breathtaking setting and our love of the grape, we craft wines that are appreciated by novices and connoisseurs alike. Our approach to winemaking, careful and passionate, exposes the natural qualities and intricate characteristics of the fruit that produces our elegant vintages.

Today, I will be having their Sauv. Blanc- Chard. blend. This wine is $15.90 a bottle, which is reasonable! Here is a closer look:

 And, here is what it looks like:

It is a very light color wine, and very light and refreshing to taste! It's also got a crisp note to it and you can taste just a hint of grapefruit! Enjoy!

Now for my pairing, here is the mask of the week: 

It is Beauty Clinic Mediental Snail Aquaring S.O.S. Solution Mask! These masks are highly reviewed and slight hard to find! They are also a little pricier than what I am used to paying - I found them on Ebay for 5 masks for $20 - this isn't too crazy for me if the mask works well!

Mediential stands for Medical + Oriental and this mask works to repair and moisturize skin that has been damaged by the dry environment! 

Here is a closer look:

This is actually a 2-step mask! Here are the steps I followed to use the mask:

1. Wash and tone face
2. Apply Step 1 of the mask (ampoule) 

It comes with a generous amount of product:

Remember to apply with a patting or tapping motion to allow for the best absorption!

3. With ampoule on, apply Step 2 - The Sheet Mask

This mask is very thin and saturated with essence - but not too much, just the right amount!

4. Unfold mask and apply to face - use the notches around the edges to fit the mask best to your face and hold in place. 

5. Leave on for 10 - 20 minutes
6. Remove mask by gently peeling off face and allow the remaining product to absorb in to your skin.
7. Complete nightly skin care routine! 

Thoughts: this mask was fantastic - I love the 2 step process and the additional ampoule + mask gave great results. My skin felt smoother and refreshed. I also thought it worked to help clear uneven skin and reduce redness! If you have dry/trouble skin, I would recommend using this mask. It is a little pricey, so I would recommend as a once in a while mask when you need a little extra love! I will be purchasing more when I get through the 5 I ordered!

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