Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January 2015 Beauty Box Comparison ~ Ipsy vs. Birchbox vs. Beauty Box 5 vs. Topbox

This is the second month comparing the 4 inexpensive Beauty Bag/Boxes!

Here is my chart breakdown comparing Ipsy, Topbox, BirchBox and Beauty Box 5:

There was a huge difference in all 4 boxes/bags this month! Here is a closer look at what I loved (and disliked) with each subscription:

Ipsy came with a great value this month - over $40! I really like the eyeshadow, lipgloss and moisturizer; but, the shimmer lotion and eyeliner were just okay. My favorite product is the moisturizer - it smells like cucumber and works well! This wasn't my favorite Ipsy bag, but overall I was happy with it.

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Beauty Box 5
I valued the Beauty Box 5 box at "$18.48" - but if you do not include the value of 4 items that are discontinued, the value of this box is $0.67. This box was a huge let down - the only decent products are the eyeshadow and the nail stickers (even if they are older). The shampoo and body wash were blah and the mascara was awful! This was certainly not a good way for Beauty Box 5 to start off the year!

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Topbox had a great value this month - over $35! I like all of the products this month - the only problem is that Topbox has sent me this nail polish in the Special Edition Lou Lou Box! If it was a different color, this bow would be great! I love that they included a sheet mask and the bb-cream and the eyeshadow is great! 

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Birchbox was a bit of a let-down for me - I liked the night cream; the shaving cream and dry shampoo were just okay; the lipstick and the lotion were blah. Also, the box didn't have a great value - I think knowing that Birchbox has been around 4 years, I have high expectations for the products (I also got 2 brand repeats from the past month!). 

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So, my round of January boxes were just okay - I think my favorite for this month is Ipsy (If Topbox had sent my a different polish color I would have picked them!). Some of the boxes were quite a big let down this month - I am hoping for some improvements in February! 

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