Friday, January 30, 2015

January 2015 Beauteque Monthly BB Bag Review

Beauteque is an American company that focuses on creating a beauty bag with Asian Beauty products. Beauteque has piloted their BB Bags for a few months since July, before launching the full subscription service. The January 2015 is the first official Beauteque Monthly BB Bag! 

The BB Bag is described as:

"Our BB Bag subscription delivers 7 full sized luxury products to your doorstep every month. A combination of beauty, skincare, and lifestyle products, you will receive a variety of goodies, whether it's makeup, skincare, jewellery, or much more! Not a month will go by that you aren't left with wanting more, so become a Beauteque Beauty and subscribe to us today!"

Beauteque is $24 monthly - if you sign up for a longer subscription, you can save a little money: $23 per month if you sign up for 6 months, or $22 per month if you sign up for 12 months). Shipping per month is $3.95 for the U.S., $5.95 to Canada, and $8.95 to Europe. The value of each BB bag will be $65-$85.

While $23 + shipping is a little pricey for a beauty bag, this one guarantees 7 full sized products and a good value!

Beauteque allows to customize a few products in the bag and the rest of the products will be a surprise! This month we got to select the scent of a hair product, the color of a sleep mask, and the shade of a blush! 

Here is a look at the January 2015 Beauteque Monthly BB Bag:

The theme for the January bag is "Bling in the New Year" - It's a new year, sparkling with promise! That's why we've assembled this blinged-out beauty bag just for you, jam-packed with gems for your hair, makeup and body goodies and even more! Shine as brightly as a diamond, ruby or emerald with everything you need to start the year off right and bright!
All the products came in a big makeup bag to go with the theme! 

The bag also comes with a product card detailing everything:

Here is a look at the products that came inside:

The Face Shop Jewel Therapy Peach Floral Clear Hair Mist ~ $7. Hair smells heavenly when you apply this spray! To use: spray to freshen up locks whenever you like.
This can be used to remove odor and excess oil just by spraying over the hair. This doesn't smell as peachy as I was expecting, but I like the idea of a scented refreshener! 

Mizon Hyaluronic Ultra Suboon Cream ~ $15. Moisturize and improve elasticity of skin with this luxurious cream! To use: dab onto face as the last step of your skincare routine!
I have heard so many good things about Mizon products, so I am so excited to see 2 products in this bag! This cream sounds good, I will be trying it tonight!! 

Mizon Olive Cocoa Butter Foot Cream ~ $14. Supremely-hydrated and moisturized feet will be yours when you use this rich cream on them! To use: massage into feet, toes, and heels for you softest feet.
Again, I am happy to see another Mizon products - with our dry, cold weather who doesn't need foot cream right now!! 

Cheetah Sleeping Mask ~ $7.50. This stylish sleeping mask will help you fall puurrfectly to sleep!
I actually really like using sleeping masks - but I already have a couple! So I will either save this or pass it on! 

It's Skin Neck Focus Patch ~ $6. You take of your face with so many products - don't neglect your neck! Improve skin texture and firmness. To use: apply to neck 25-30 minutes. Remove and massage any remaining essence into skin. 
This is interesting - a sheet mask for your neck! Weird, but I will give it a try!! 

*Bonus item included - Etude House Wonder Pore Freshening Trial Glove (each bag may have a different bonus mask item). This is a deep cleansing glove - it is dual sided for both intensive and gentle care. 

Milani Sunset Duos #5 Sunset Breeze ~ $11. This incredible multitasker is like bling for your skin! Shimmer and shine, day to night!
So, this actually appears to be a discontinued product - not available for sale anymore. I can't say I am happy that there is a discontinued product when they have other good brands in this box?! Weird... anyways, I don't necessarily think it will be bad as it is sealed - here is a look at the swatches:

The blush took a few times to even get this swatch on my hand and i'm not sure the bronzer is the right color for me - I will not be using this! 

Tony Moly Delight Tony Tint #01 Cherry Pink ~ $7. Is the ultimate to make lips sparkle and complete your whole look! 
I like Tony Moly products - they are usually pretty good! I don't usually like lip tints though, so we will see how this one works:

It doesn't go on to evenly - and the color is too bright for me to wear! I wont' be using this!

So this box came with 7 full size items (+1 sample size item) with a value of $67.50 - it would be $56.50 if you don't include the value of the Milani bronzer. This value is still much more than I paid. This box was a hit and a miss for me - I really love that there was 2 Mizon products and The Face Shop and Tony Moly. I'm not thrilled with a discontinued product, which seems weird with the other good brands they were able to put in this box! 

What did you think of the first Beauteque Monthly BB Bag?

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