Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 2015 Beauty Box 5 - Beauty Subscription Box Review

Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription box that costs $12 US per month + $3 shipping to Canada. If you sign up for a longer subscription, you get a lower price per box: $30 quarterly, and $99 a year ( plus $3 shipping per month). 

Beauty Box 5 has been referred to as the"starter beauty box" - it does not send many high end products and the value tends to be lower than other boxes but they often do have really good products.

I signed up for Beauty Box 5 when they had a promotional code for $12 off a year (and before they started charging for shipping!) - so I got a full year for $87. This worked out to $97.60 Canadian with the exchange rate so I only pay $8.14 a month for this subscription.

*As of late, Beauty Box 5's boxes have been very up and down - they have had some great products; however, there have been very low box values and not so good products. I would suggest that you read reviews and see if it is products you like!*

Here is my January 2015 Beauty Box 5:

The theme for this month's box is: Hello! The beginning of a new year can mean new challenges, but rather than shying away from confrontation, greet them wholeheartedly with a smile and a twinkle (and lining) your perfectly-accented eyes! You never know what new opportunities  are on the horizon, so put your well manicured self forward and say hi to fresh possibilities!

When I first opened the box, I was actually glad to see nail wraps, eye shadow and mascara - however, after doing some research and reading a few other reviews, there is an issue with 1 or 2 of the products!

The box includes a little product card explaining everything:

Here is a closer look at the products:

Coastal Scents Eyeshadow ~ sample size 4 shadows for $0.67 (88 shadows for $14.95). The colors I received are: Mimosa, Deep Cantaloupe, Bright Tangerine, and Volcanic Blast. We're crushing hard on these super-pigmented shadows! Whether you pair all four shades together for an all-over eye look or pick a few favorites to accent with, they'll make your eyes stand out gorgeously.
While this does't come with a big value, I actually like Coastal Scents eyeshadows - I have 2 palettes of theirs and love how pigmented they are! I got a mix of 4 oranges and while I think the bottom 2 may be a little bright for me, I love the top 2 colors!

Sally Hansen Salon Effects #540 Stripe-Tease ~ $9.99. A perfect mani for up to 10 days? Bring it on! Peel and apply strips to your nails, smooth over and then shape for easy nail art. Bonus: when you're done, they come off with regular polish remover!
I was happy to see these - I just tried these wraps a couple of weeks ago and loved them! Mine lasted for 2 weeks with no peeling and fading and then they just come off like nail polish remover. However, a few other reviews have mentioned that this particular style is discontinued and not worth anything?! That's too bad, I will use these though, I assume they should still work just fine! 

Garnier Fructis Daily Care Fortifying Shampoo ~ sample size 1.7 oz for $0.52 (full size is 13 oz for $3.99). Make 2015 the year of healthy hair! Strength your tresses with grapefruit antioxidants and protiens that'll leave your locks fortified, oh-so-soft, and super shiny. Did we mention that the invigorating scent will have you hooked in no time?
This is nothing to get excited about - I think if a shampoo is included that the conditioner should be too? I'm pretty set on my shampoo brand so I will see if someone else needs it for a trip? Also, I think this particular type of shampoo has been discontinued as well - this bottle style is now called "clean and fresh" on the website. 

Softsoap Nutri Serums Vitamin E Body Wash ~ sample size 1.7 oz for $1.08 (full size is 15 oz for $8). Treat your body to rich moisture and a super fresh scent while showering! The softening serum pearls burst with Vitamin E to hydrate and Omegas 3 and 6 help your skin retain moisture all day long to banish winter dryness. 
Body wash is fine to get - it's certainly not exciting! And, if we are on the topic of discontinued products, this body wash is not on the Soft Soap website - they seemed to have remade their products and this one is not there!

Ultraflesh The Gold Standard Mascara in "Blackout" ~ sample size 0.08 oz for $6.22 (full size is 0.27 oz for $21). Dramatic, thicker lashes are good with this amped-up mascara! The expert wand gets every lash coated for major results. Feeling bold? Layer two or three coats for the most va-va-voom. 
So, I can't credit for this research (Thank Jill at Canadian Box Addict), but apparently this mascara has been discontinued since 2011/2012? So usually I wait a little bit to try out my mascaras, but this is super old so I opened to see what it was like - and dry is the answer. Here is the swatch:

This is what a couple of tries looked like on my hand - all dried up! So disappointing! 

So this box came with 5 products, and a "value" of $18.48 - if you take out the value of the 4 discontinued products, the actual value of this box is about $0.67 which is the value of the coastal scents eyeshadow. 

I will use the eyeshadow, and to be fair, even though they are discontinued,  I will still use the nail wraps and body wash! I will not be using the mascara or the shampoo.

So initially, I actually thought this was an okay box; however, looking in to the products further - 4 of them are no longer being sold in stores! I'm not happy at all - my subscription runs until May and i'm really hoping this subscription improves. I can say, this box is not a good sign for 2015.

If you would like to view my past Beauty Box 5 reviews, you can go here.

Did you get this month's Beauty Box 5? What did you think?


  1. That would be interesting if the shampoo and body wash were discontinued as well. Your mascara "swatch" looked about the same as mine.

    1. For the shampoo and body wash - I even checked Superstore yesterday while grocery shopping and noticed the shampoo with the same label picture had a different name and the body wash wasn't there either (so both look outdated to me!)! Not a good sign!!