Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Manicure Monday - Holographic Polish + Nail Decals

Whoops - I'm late for my Manicure Monday!! 

I hae decided to sway a little from my Winter themed nails I have been doing all month (don't worry Winter in Alberta last 6 months anyways so I will have lots more time for winter manicures!)

I have ben really excited to try the holographic polishes and nail decals that I bought in a collaboration Black Friday box! So that is my theme for this week: holograms! 

Here are the products I used for this week's Mani:

  • Formula X Nail Cleanser and Base Coat
  • OPI Top Coat
  • Cupcake Polish in "Trampled by a Shopping Cart" (available only in the I Survived Black Friday box - link included!) 
  • Nail Vinyls "Shop til you Drop" holographic nail decals (again, only available in the box!)
  • Tweezers

Here are the steps I followed for this week's Mani:
1. Nail cleanser and base coat
2. 2 coats of holographic polish - let dry well!

3. Using tweezers - lift the nail decal off sheet (with small decals - fingers get in the way when trying to apply)

4. Using care, apply to nail - once they are placed it is difficult to rearrange (place as many as you like - for this mani I put them on 3 nails)
5. Topcoat!

Again, here is my final result:

Ahh - I love the shoes - these decals are so cute!

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