Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Manicure Monday + Scratch Nail Wraps Review

Snowflake Nails Time! 

I have been waiting to try Scratch Nail Wraps since I read about their monthly manicure box. 

I have not tried out the subscription through Scratch yet, but when I saw they had their wraps on sale for $10 each on Black Friday I ordered 2 pairs: 
The first pair is called "Dragon's Den" and the second is called "Total Flake" 

Today I am using "Total Flake":

Each package come with 16 wraps, a nail stick and a nail file. 

My review will be quick on these wraps - they are a little different than what I used to. They have a thin layer underneath, and a thicker layer over top; so essentially the wrap has 3 layers. 

How I used: peel off the bottom layer, place wrap on nail and then peel off the overlaying layer. Once the wrap is on, pull the excess wrap over the nail and use the file to file off the excess. (you can use

My thoughts: these may be my favourite nail wraps - they are much thinner than I am used to; however, they wrap around the nails so well and look great. I will be purchasing more of these and signing up for the monthly kit soon!

Again, here is what they look like on:

Love them! Have you tried Scratch Nail Wraps before? 

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