Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 2014 Your Bijoux Box Jewellery Subscription Box - Review and Unboxing

Your Bijoux Box is a monthly jewellery subscription box that delivers 3 pieces of jewellery with over $100 value each month for $35 US + $6 shipping (with the exchange rate I paid $44.86).

I really like getting jewellery each month and the last 2 months have been really good (I don't think $44 is realistic every month to spend so I'm not sure how long this subscription will last but I would like to pick it up here and there!). The jewellery is not customizable; every subscriber gets the same items each month!

I was excited to get this month's box - the July spoiler was awesome! And July's box is going to contain 4 items instead of the regular 3 because it's their anniversary month! There was some shipping delays thanks to the shipping company losing a batch of boxes but everything arrived eventually safe and sound!

Here is a look at my July 2014 Your Bijoux Box:

2 set of earrings & 2 necklaces! 

Here is a closer look at the items:

Daisy Adair Collar ~ this necklace came in a few different color options - I got a nice mint green and I love it! Super cute & very different from all the necklaces I have! (I like that this piece is silver too as quite a few of the last items I received are gold - good to have a mix!)

Tropical Firecracker Necklace ~ This was the July spoiler and the reason why I was so excited to receive this box! But, can you see in the photo that it is missing 1 small white stone? I hope they have enough of these necklaces to send me a replacement - their customer service is great and if something arrives broken they will replace it!

Pretty Parfait Earrings ~ these are the 1 year birthday gift to subscribers from Your Bijoux Box! These are cute mint green stud earrings. I do like them; I don't wear earrings a whole lot but I still think this box is worth subscribing to knowing that I may get them! I will find someone to gift these to!

Fiji Drops ~ simple dangly gold earrings - easy to dress up or down! Again I don't wear a ton of earrings and these would get wasted in my jewellery cabinet - I will find someone to gift these to as well!

So for $44 I received 2 necklaces and 2 sets of earrings! I will definitely wear both necklaces (I am really hoping that the one that is broken can be replaced) and the 2 sets of earrings will be gifted! I do still think this box is a great deal! 

What did you think of this month's Your Bijoux Box? What is your favorite jewellery subscription box?

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