Friday, March 15, 2024

Five on Friday - March 15, 2024 ~ Divine Rivals & Ruthless Vows Book Reviews, Urban Planet Finds, WINS Thrifting Finds, ReGrub Nerd It Out Milkshake and WTF Is Up With The Royal Family

Happy Friday and happy weekend! I have been so behind on my blogging if you've noticed these are a little delayed! 


I purchased everything in this post

This duology is beautiful inside and out - Divine Rivals and Ruthless Vows! This is a YA fantasy duology with a great romance in it! Waring gods and enchanted typewriters add great tension to this series! This focuses on our main characters, Iris and Roman as they are competing journalists in the same company vying for the same job. They come from very different worlds, where Iris is struggling with a brother at war and a mother in the throws of addiction, while Roman is from a well-off family looking at an arranged marriage. They find a connection through magical typewriters, where only Roman knows her identity. The war is two old rival Gods who have awoken and are calling civilians to pick sides and fight for them.

Iris decides to go to the front lines of the war to try and find her brother and report on the war. When Roman reads her articles he follows her there - and eventually through war and worst-case scenarios, they fall in love. But, it is short lived as the war encloses on their town. I loved the characters and the story was well paced and exciting. The second one picks up right from a cliffhanger and adds the background detail on the waring gods while bringing everything together! Both 4.5 star reads for me! And these Owlcrates editions are stunning!


Okay, I haven't ever shopped at Urban Planet before, but after cruising around with friends we stopped in and I found a cute pair of cowboy boots, a pair of adorable super soft pajamas and (not pictured) some really cute sunglasses - and everything is by one get one 50% off! 


This past week a friend and I went to WINS (on the first Wednesday of the month they always have 50% off of everything in the store and I love going thrifting then!) I found a pajama top, dress and nice open cardigan! 


Regrub is the cutest little shake shop in Calgary - we love going there after a morning at the Rec Room and this cute Nerd It Out Shake did not disappoint! So good! 


Okay, have you gone down the rabbithole that is the speculation of what is going on with the royal family?! From the photoshopped pictures to the speculation that William killed his friend and has a mistress is totally wild! I usually don't follow what is going on, but I've been diving in to all the wild theories! 

I hope you all have a good weekend! 

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