Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Monthly Beauty Favourites - March 2023

Here's a look at what I'm loving this past month: 

Monthly Beauty Favourites - March 2023
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Last year I started just picking any number of products I'm loving, instead of trying to find 5 each month (which I did previously!) So, whatever number of products I'm loving, that's what I will be sharing. 

I've been slower at using and trying out new products, so naturally my Favourites have been on the smaller side lately (and I'm totally fine with that) - here's a closer look at what I've been loving this month:

Wet Brush Go Green Coconut Oil Treatment & Shine Brush ~ $14.99 US or $19.99 CAN. Achieve smooth, shiny, tangle-free hair with the Wet Brush Go Green Treatment & Shine brush, made partially with plant-based plastic. Intelliflex bristles gently detangle while synthetic boar bristles distribute your natural oils through strands, leaving hair shiny and smooth. Use it to brush dry hair to refresh styles and smooth frizz.

Okay, I've been a Wet Brush fan for years and have been using their brushes consistently, but when I was in the States I didn't bring my brush, so I saw this new type with this Coconut Oil Shine infusion and it is sooo good! I love a regular Wet Brush, but the bristles are super gentle on this one (boar bristle compared to the original plastic) and does add a smoothing aspect! I love this! 

Paula's Choice Calm Rescue & Repair Intensive Moisturizer ~ $33.00 US. This soothing moisturizer for dry skin calms redness and sensitivity with antioxidants and emollients to protect skin’s delicate barrier.

This again, is a nice gentle formula - I love a gentle moisturizer for a day lotion. It is meant to hydrate skin, soothing a compromised barrier, while targeting redness and leaving skin with a supple finish. This is a good formula - it's not too thick, not to thin and absorbs quickly in to the skin. I think it's been great for a day lotion for me. I do have normal to oily skin, so I can see this being a good formula for lots of skin types! Love this nice, approachable, gentle moisturizer! 

Dove Refresh + Care Volume Dry Shampoo ~ $6.99 CAN. Can your hair look and feel clean without you having to wash it? Many of us have had days when our hair feels just a touch oily or greasy, but not enough to merit a full wash and blow dry. So if you’ve been wondering how to ‘wash’ your hair without water, or if that’s even possible – it is. Dove developed Dove Invigorating Dry Shampoo, so that with just a few quick sprays you can have your hair looking and feeling beautiful, healthy and full of body. 

This is a sample I've been waiting to use and I took it on vacation and it's fantastic - I need a volumizing dry shampoo that adds a little oomph but doesn't leave any gross sticky residue. I use this at night and it only has a tiny bit of white cast but it absorbs at night and it looks so good on my hair. This absorbs the oil and makes my hair looks freshly washed! One of the best dry shampoos! 

ELF Cosmetics Halo Glow Liquid Filter in 3 Light/Medium ~ $18.00 CAN. A multi-purpose, liquid glow booster infused with skin-loving ingredients to give your complexion a soft-focus social filter effect IRL.

Oohh I've tried a couple of these and this might be my favourite - I think this is a little less shimmery then all the other ones I've tried! This adds a really nice glow and sheen to the face without being overly sparkly or glittery. Nice smoothing effect - I typically use this under or mixed with a foundation. This has a big doe foot applicator and a little goes a long way. I probably could have gone one shade lighter, but overall it's lovely on the skin (I do have a review coming soon!)

What was your favourite product this past month?

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