Friday, February 24, 2023

Five on Friday - February 24, 2023 ~ Matching Family Moment, Wildlife Festival, Aerie Shorts Order, February Declutter, and The Perfect Match

Happy Friday everyone - I hope you all have a great week! We had a crazy amount of snow and cold, so it's been a long week, but I did take Tuesday off so I had an extra day hiding from the snow! 


The JVN Embody Foam was sent as part of the Ambassador program, everything else I purchased - this post contains affiliate links

Nothing crazy, but we had a really cute matching family moment - we all got ready and picked our clothes out and turned out that we all matched up! So cute - we had lots of family birthdays and family time over the weekend and it was great! 


On Family Day we checked out the Wildlife Festival and we loved it! They had lots of animals to look at and fun reptile and mammal shows. These shows are put on by rescue agencies, so these are well cared for animals and the money goes back in to their care. I thought it was a great show. 


Aerie had a great sale on these awesome Daydream Denim Shorts - I love these shorts and they have a stretchy back so I'm excited to have a couple more pairs. Happy to own a few more pairs! 


Here's a look at a little February declutter - the JVN Embody Foam was pretty good, it just didn't work with my hair and bangs and it made my hair a little wild! Then I picked up a couple of products at the drugstore - the NYX concealer and the Quo glowy lip stain and they didn't work. I am going to do a full post soon to explain all my thoughts. 


I just watched The Perfect March - I powered through the episodes that were available, and I really want to see the rest!! It's so trashy and I kind of love it - I do love the reality tv stars, but I think the exes coming back in add a weird twist. Personally, I'm enjoying it, but also bringing all the villains made it hard to think anyone is actually looking for "love". 

I hope you all have a good weekend! 

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