Thursday, November 10, 2022

Five on Thursday - November 10, 2022 ~ My 36th Birthday, Birthday Tart Cookie Cake, Birthday Goodies, The Ballad of Never After Book Review, and Love is Blind Season 3

Happy Thursday everyone - getting this up before the long weekend, because tomorrow is Remembrance Day so it's not really a celebratory day! 


Some gifts shown - this post contains affiliate links

I turned 36 this week and I certainly had some thoughts about being anxious about being closer to 30 than 40 and I was getting all in my head about it. I know age is just a number and just trying to put in perspective about everything I've accomplished and how good everything is going right now for me. I appreciated all the comments about everyone who felt the same way, and I'm really looking forward to the next year! 


Had to share my birthday cake - I made another tart cookie cake and it was delicious! I used the recipe from Baker Bettie for the cookies and they work well! Then, I made a pumpkin spice cream cheese icing and it was sooo good (not as sturdy as you need for this recipe), but it still tasted great! 


I like to keep my birthday pretty small (I say that and in my twenties, it would be a week long event), so I just got together with family, had dinner and a little brunch. I got a few gifts (mostly books) - I sent my hubby my Book Outlet wishlist (plus the second book in the Magic Steeped in Poison duo). Also, my mom picked me up an espresso maker and some little cups and set - I fell in love with espresso in Italy and I've been loving making it at home! 


I'm always excited to share book reviews on here when I find something I've enjoyed! My newest 4.5/5 star book is The Ballad of Never After by Stephanie Garber. This is a young adult fantasy book (with a little romance in there), but since it's a second book in the series, I can't share too much without spoilers! 

The first book, Once Upon A Broken Heart is a spin-off of the Caraval trilogy taking place is a different part of the fantasy world. This follows our main character, Evangeline Fox who finds herself making a deal with Jacks, The Prince of Hearts (one of the Fates that appears in the original trilogy) - he is the ultimate literary bad-boy, so you can guess what happens when Evangeline finds herself in a deal with someone who's kiss means death for everyone, except his true love. I thought the events of the first one were fun and light-hearted, but as we got in to the series, I actually enjoyed the story and twists of this book a little bit more! It's a total teen angsty fantasy with a pretty naive main character, but it adds to the fun writing and atmosphere of this book. I like the characters and plot, plus the twist at the end will have you counting down to when the next book comes out next year! 


Okay, I had to rush and finish the Love is Blind season 3 - I was surprised my a few of the couples that said yes and no. Without too many spoilers, I love Alexa and Brennen and Raven and SK overall. I love this TV and do like the premise (but I like crappy dating shows). Did you watch? Thoughts? 

I hope you all have a good weekend! 

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