Saturday, November 19, 2022

Five on Saturday - November 19, 2022 ~ The Phantomwise Tarot Deck, Science Centre Goodnight Moon Exhibit, Jillian Harris Canvas Canadian Tire Collection, Lumify Drops, and Little Passports

Happy Saturday everyone - I'm getting this up late, but it's been a busy week here!! 


I purchased everything in this post - this post contains affiliate links

Okay, I have been waiting for months for this release. When The Night Circus was released, the author gave away a very limited number of tarot decks with it, and people have been begging Erin Morgenstern for years, and she's finally answered our prayers! 

The Phantomwise Tarot deck is a full deck full of whimsical and mythical black and white drawings. I've used tarot used ago and haven't tried it in years. I've been drawing a card a day in the morning to get used to them and see my energy for the day! 


Last weekend we went to the Telus Spark science centre and had a great time - it's one of our go-to places to go in the Winter. Their new exhibit is the Goodnight Moon digital immersion exhibit, so it displays everything on the walls and is an interactive storytime. It was lovely and as always, we had a great day! 


Okay, yes I will basically buy anything Jillian Harris creates, because seriously, her style is pretty on point, especially home decor! So, she released a Christmas decor line with Canvas, exclusive to Canadian Tire and "the idea behind this nostalgic collection was inspired by some of Jillian Harris’ favourite memories with family, and classic holiday decorations from her childhood". I picked up the Metallic Gold Star Christmas Tree Topper ($24.99 CAN) and the Christmas Cookie Plate and Milk Jug Set ($29.99 CAN) - I love these both and was trying to be reasonable. There is lots of ornaments and other decor and the line is super cute! 


Okay, this may seem a little random, but I heard about these Lumify eye drops in the Summer (they weren't available in Canada then), but they've since been approved in Canada so we can use them. These are a medicated eye drop that use a low dose of brimonidine to make a huge difference in eye-redness. These are $24.99 CAN at Shoppers, and so far they work really well! Honestly, this makes a huge difference - I don't use this too often, but when I have important work days and I've noticed a big difference! 


Elliott was gifted a Little Passports subscription for Christmas, and we just got the 12th and last delivery! Little Passports is a kids subscription company that focuses on "play-based science and geography kits delivered monthly." They offer 5 different subscriptions for ages 3 - 8+ and they have 3 different Geography based subscriptions and 2 Science subscriptions. 

So, Elliott is getting the Early Explorers meant for ages 3-5 and it's described as "discover the world’s wonders, from oceans to art to animals through hands-on activities, games and stories." This subscription is $27.95 US monthly, and you can also add on a book for $9.95 - you save more if you subscribe to a longer term. The first month comes with a little suitcase and passport to set you up for future months. I think this subscription sends you things based one your subscription term as opposed to having a new set of activities each month (meaning every subscriber will get the Animals theme for month 5 of their subscription term, instead of Animals being only the April 2022 theme). 

So, this is the 12th month the theme is "Travel" - each month you will receive a themed package with an interactive souvenir, activity booklet, a puzzle, stickers, and more. This one came with paper a puzzle car track and stickers. There has been a puzzle in the last 10 months and it would be nice if they had a bit more variety in the box! Overall, it was cute and we really enjoyed some months, but a little more variety in the boxes would really add to it. 

I hope you all have a great rest of your weekend! 

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