Friday, March 4, 2022

Five on Friday - March 4, 2022 ~ Skoah Starter Set for Oily Skin, LuLu Bar, Early Sneak Peek at Pieces of Her, First Poshmark Order, and Inventing Anna

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a great week - I'm ready for the weekend for sure! It's just been a tiring week! 


The Skoah Starter Kit was received in exchange for a review

Skoah just released some Starter Kits (on March 1) - one for Dry, Normal and Oily skin. My skin personally gets oily in the Summer, so I was planning ahead for warmer months (it's got to be coming soon, right?!) and thought I'd try the Oily Skin Starter Kit. All the kits are $108 (with a value of $118) and if you're interested and order today, they are adding a free mask to every order as well! 

The products in the Oily Skin Starter Kit are:
  • gel kleanser - an oil-free, gentle face cleanser, free of harsh cleansing agents such as sodium lauryl sulfate and alcohol.
  • tonik - alcohol-free, loaded with hyaluronic acid, comfrey root extract, and plant extracts.
  • face skotion lite - a light facial lotion contains hyaluronic acid, vitamins e and c, salicylic acid, plant extracts, and sea kelp algae to hydrate and calm skin. Ultralight feel and leaves a matte finish. 
I'm a big fan of the Skoah products I've tried - the Tonik is a great toner and this is a good little set if you're looking to start or refresh a simple skincare routine! 


I went to LuLu Bar this past weekend and it was lovely! We had so many delicious cocktails, cute drinks and the food was delicious! It's described as "a chef-driven bar in the heart of 17th avenue" and I don't go to a ton of trendy places, but I love it! I'm already planning when to go back to try more food and drinks! 


If you haven't heard, Pieces of Her just released on Netflix today - this was based on the book written by Karin Slaughter, who of course writes some pretty graphic and dark thrillers! I was invited through Book Sparks to participate in a little sneak peek event to watch the first episode on Wednesday night and I really enjoyed it - definitely going to finish the rest soon! 


I think I'm probably late to the game, but have you guys shopped on Poshmark before?! I just made my first purchase for a pair of yoga jeans and they are lovely. Great quality, fast shipping - I'm super impressed! I will for sure be shopping from there more! 


Have you guys watched Inventing Anna yet?! I'm not always on top of newer shoes, but I love stories like this - how did she get away with this for so long?! It's so juicy! 

I hope you all have a good weekend - I plan on keeping things fairly low-key myself this weekend!  

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