Thursday, February 10, 2022

Pixi Beauty - Rose Remedy Mask

I'm always excited when I can do another mask post - and this one is nice and rosy just in time for Valentine's Day! 

Pixi Beauty - Rose Remedy Mask
I purchased this mask - this post contains affiliate links

I've been such a fan of the Pixi Beauty products I've tried - skincare and makeup, so it's a brand that I'm always excited to see what they are coming up with next! 

One of the brands newer releases are these potted remedy masks - there is rose, milky and vitamin-c to try! I picked up the Rose Remedy Mask because it sounded nice and nourishing, and I will say, these pots are huge so this is going to last you a while! 

Pixi Beauty - Rose Remedy Mask

Pixi Beauty Rose Remedy Mask ~ $34.00 CAN. Nourishing, toning jelly packed with nutrients and botanicals to help refresh and deeply nourish your skin. Blend of Rose, Argan Oil, Cica and Turmeric refreshes, nourishes and hydrates.

This is a jelly mask and it's meant to nourish and hydrate the skin - I love the texture of this! It's so thick and smooths so nicely on the skin!

Pixi Beauty - Rose Remedy Mask

This mask is a wash-off mask and it's easy to use - you apply a thick layer on to clean skin, wear for 10 minutes, rinse off and complete your skincare routine! 

I'm not always the biggest fan of potted skincare products, so I love the packaging of this and that it includes *not only* the spoon to go with it, but also a spot for the spoon to be built in to the side - this is everything I want in packaging! 

Pixi Beauty - Rose Remedy Mask

I thought this mask was easy to apply and it was thick, so it didn't move or drip once it was applied which was nice. The texture was smooth and cooling on the face and I thought it was refreshing to wear for 10 minutes. I probably applied too much, but I found this a little difficult to remove, it did not just slide off with water and certainly needed some extra oomph behind it to get everything off! 

I did think it was a hydrating mask and with the cooling properties, it will probably be really nice to wear in the Summer time after a hot day as a way to unwind and refresh the skin. I'm happy to use it more, but I will be applying a thin layer next time instead of thick as suggested! 

Have you tried any of these Jelly Masks from Pixi Beauty yet?! 

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