Saturday, February 19, 2022

Cheekbone Beauty Unify Multi-Pencil - Swatches, Review and Thoughts

I have been using and loving Cheekbone Beauty for a couple of years now - I think I first tried their Sustain lipstick in April 2022 and have since picked up face products and more that I have really been enjoying! Also, it's been so exciting to see this brand shine in the past couple of years - they are in Sephora now and it's great to have this Canadian, Indigenous Woman owned brand be so prominent! 

Also, have to note - I'm loving their position on social media of no filters - they are proudly sharing their makeup with lines, pores, blemishes, scars, etc. We are all human! 

Cheekbone Beauty Sustain Complexion Pencils - Swatches, Review and Thoughts
These products were received in exchange for a review

Cheekbone Beauty is an eco-conscious brand, and they are actively working towards their brand being-carbon neutral. Their goal is to lead by example and be a fully waste free company by 2023! They focus on locally sourced ingredients, plant based, fair trade and ethical ingredients, while their packaging is compostable, recyclable, bio-degradable or plantable, or reusable! 

One of their newest products is their Sustain Complexion Pencils - it is a multi-use product meant for concealing, highlighting and contouring, while looking natural on the skin! 

Cheekbone Beauty Sustain Complexion Pencils - Swatches, Review and Thoughts

Cheekbone Beauty Unify Multi-Pencil ~ $24.00 CAN each. A lightweight shade-correcting pigment crafted to blend perfectly with your skin tone. This multitasking pencil can be used as a facial highlighter, for contour sculpting, full-face application, as a priming base for eyeshadow, and more. 

These Complexion Pencils come in 9 tones - 3 in the Deep range, 3 in the Medium range, and 3 in the Fair range. Because these sheer out and give a more natural appearance, each shade can be stretched out a little!

These pencils can be used in a range of ways and they are easy to use! Apply them anywhere on your face - for your desired coverage, blend with a sponge, brush, or fingertips. Use lighter shades as a highlighter on your cheekbone, brow bone, forehead, bridge of your nose and chin, or add deeper contour shades under your cheekbone, side of nose and jawline! These could also be used as an eye primer as well!

I'm using a full face of the Cheekbone Beauty Complexion pencils - I'm using Fair 2 under the eye and as a highlighter, Fair 3 as my full face shade and concealer and Medium 6 as my contour shade! Make sure you check out my instagram tomorrow (Sun) to see a little reel of the full way I apply these! 

After trying these shades out, I did realize that Fair 1 is better suited for my highlighter shade and Fair 2 is best for my all over and concealer shade! I kept Medium 6 as my contour shade as I like how it blended nicely in to my skin.

I've enjoyed using these - I do think they fall in to that very natural look, so anticipating a lot of coverage is not what this will offer. This will help smooth skintone overall and just add a light layer. I've really enjoyed using the Fair 1 under my eye and blending with my fingers - I think it wears nicely all day and offers a nice light layer of coverage. And, I've really like Fair 2 all over our covering light blemishes and smoothing out my skintone. If my blemishes are really prominent this doesn't offer full coverage, but it has quickly become my go-to daily face product as I don't need full coverage every day! 

I also finished this look with Cheekbone Beauty blush in 3 Cheek Dust, Highlighter in 9 Glow Dust, and Sustain Lipstick in Keyah! I'm such a fan of this brand, I've really enjoyed these and I'm excited to what else they come up with! Would you use these? 


  1. I just bought one complexion pencil to use as concealer/spot foundation so I am looking forward to testing them out!

    1. It's such a nice natural coverage for just evening out skintone!