Thursday, October 14, 2021

Monthly Beauty Haul ~ September 2021

I always love these haul posts - it's a way to keep track of everything that I picked up every month. I don't always blog about everything I pick up (I try to), but if you ever spot anything in here that you really want me to talk about, let me know! 

Last year, I got a little crazy about trying to stick to a crazy budget and this year I'm just going to buy what I want and try and be reasonable about my purchases! 

I purchased everything in this post

XO Treatment Room Haul ~ $93.45 CAN. This is my favourite Vitamin C serum and it's made by a local Calgary company that I love! I just emptied one and I needed replacement asap! 

Maniology Order ~ $119.13 CAN. I purchased some Fall and Halloweeny things from Maniology - I needed some new stamping polishes, and following a purge of stamping plates, I needed a few new ones! 

Nail Polish Canada Order ~ $44.52 CAN. I also needed to pick up some more nail art polishes and Nail Polish Canada had a great sale on some colours, so I picked a whole bunch up! Then, I also grabbed these lovely China Glaze autumn polishes (which you can see on me here!)

ColourPop Haul ~ $94.37 CAN. I placed a ColourPop order - the top picture is everything that I've picked out myself, then I also purchased a $25 mystery box and the bottom picture is everything that came in the box. Personally, the mystery box wasn't really up my alley, but I will have a big review of all the other products coming soon! 

Lush Kitchen Subscription ~ $94.21 CAN. I haven't ordered a Lush Kitchen subscription since May, but I could not resist picking up the October box - I did an unboxing on a recent post, so you can check it out here and see a little bit more about all the products included in the box! 

Urban Outfitters Terra Moons Shadows ~ $35.65 CAN. I just spotted another Terra Moons shadow set at Urban Outfitters and this one is stunning - I tried their neon shadows, and so these metallic shadows are right up my alley and the shades are lovely. I will be trying these on soon and sharing when I have a chance! 

Sephora Order ~ $94.50 CAN. I was so excited when JVN Hair finally launched at Sephora Canada, so I picked up a shampoo, conditioner, and air dry cream. Plus, I just picked up a mini ABH Dip Brow Gel that I love and a couple of samples! I will review all the hair products soon! 

Lush Haul ~ $62.74 CAN. I had to pick up a couple of fun Halloween bubble bars, and some newer Fall products when I was in Lush recently - again, I'm so slow on my reviews now, but I will share my thoughts on these when I can!

Scratch Monthly Mani Kit ~ $19.53 CAN. I love picking up these nail wraps each month - they are designed by NinaNailedIt and they are great quality! Perfect for when I need a quick nail look. I haven't used these ones yet, but always check out my weekly Mani Mondays to see what I've got going on! 

Alright, well whenever I think I'm being reasonable, I end up spending $658.10 CAN or something crazy like that on beauty products and I have no idea how. I purged things out so I needed to make room for new stuff I guess! 

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