Thursday, October 15, 2020

October 2020 - Lush Kitchen Subscription Box

I was SO excited earlier this year when Lush Kitchen announced that they were starting a subscription box, of course I ordered it right away and the first box was in May! It is a little pricey with the conversion to Canada; but, I've only been getting it every other month and I've been loving it! 

October 2020 - Lush Kitchen Subscription Box
I purchased this box on my own

The Lush Kitchen Subscription box is a monthly subscription box full of exclusive Lush Labs goodies made exclusively for the box - every month subscribers vote on the monthly menu of products that they would or would not like to see in the box, so you can help pick what is included in the box! Also, all of the products included in each box will be vegan. 

Each month the Lush Kitchen Subscription box is £35/month + shipping (shipping to Canada is £17.95), so all together the cost of the subscription box in Canada is £52.95 a month, which converted to $94.13 CAN this month). The subscription will come with 4-5 exclusive products and I think it will include a variety of products that Lush makes; but, will of course be mostly bath and body products. 

October 2020 - Lush Kitchen Subscription Box

Each month you pay and vote for products that are coming in the following month's box - so for this October box, you have until September 5 to vote on the products you'd like to see and then payment comes out on the 6th. Then, Lush spends the month making the products and ships it out at the end of September so you receive it in October! I was surprised, shipping was really quick this month and I actually got my box last week (the first couple I received took over a month to get to me in Canada!) Also, just because you vote for a product does not guarantee that you will receive the item -  they will make the most popular products as well as through in a few that weren't voted on! The box is a complete surprise until you receive it! 

You do have the option to skip months, which I love in a subscription and I have skipped and will continue to skip here and there since this subscription box is quite expensive with shipping to Canada, so I will likely keep it as a little treat every couple of months! 

The box arrived filled with Lush's usual cornstarch peanuts to help the environment as well as a product card and an ingredient card. Here is a look at the products in the October 2020 box:

October 2020 - Lush Kitchen Subscription Box

Lush Pumpkin Spice Soap This exclusive soap is creamy, with a hint of spice, just like your favourite pumpkin spiced latte.

I feel liked this is the first time I've seen Lush do a straight up pumpkin spice scent for the holidays and I'm not mad about it! I happen to love pumpkin spice, and this smells really lovely! It's made with pumpkin puree and has cinnamon, ginger and clove oils in it, plus some pumpkin seeds and I'm going to use it right away. The bar soaps are actually one of the products that I don't frequently purchase from Lush, not because they are bad, I just don't tend to try them! (For price point reference, a soap this size is about $9 CAN). 

Lush Wizard Bubble Barcrumble this little guy up in the bath and be treated to energizing tangerine, juniperberry and fennel essential oils, the same scent as the holiday Jingle Spells bath bomb.

This was a product Lush had included years ago in a Halloween collection and it's super cute - I remember seeing it years ago but never tried it. I do love Lush bubble bars and you can use as much or as little as you like in your baths! I have heard mixed reviews of the scent - I love it, I think it's fresh and a little sweet and right up my alley! (Price point reference, this retailed for $8 CAN when it was released years ago).

Lush Skullduggery Bath Bomb ~ skullduggery is an eerie but magical celebration for your bathtub. We used brightening and refreshing lime and neroli for the fragrance and olibanum (also known as frankincense resinoid) to help that citrusy smell stay on your skin until the witching hour and beyond.

This also looks like an older, classic Lush Halloween bath bomb that has been re-released a few times from the Lush Kitchen on a limited basis. This is really cute - the skull has little heart eyes and it's a really refreshing scent (apparently the same as Calacas), but since we also got that scent in another product in the box, I would call it a little more subtle. (price point reference, this would retail for around $7 CAN). 

October 2020 - Lush Kitchen Subscription Box

Lush Calacas Shower Jelly ~ a wobbly handful, scented with uplifting neroli and softening carrageenan. 

This is another classic product and I can see why people loved it (I noticed they have a body spray available in this scent so it was pretty popular). It's very bright and refreshing, lots of lime and I love that the shape is a sugar skull. Shower jellies aren't my favorite products to use as I just find them a little slippery and hard to use, but I certainly love the scent of this one, so I will use it! (For price point reference, typically shower jellies are around $9 CAN). 

Lush Demon in the Shower Shower Gel ~ snap your senses to attention with invigoratingly minty washes. Fresh apple and warming clove will leave you ready to face whatever is around the corner. 

This is another classic Lush Halloween scent (and I call them classics because they were released before and haven't been included in the past few years of Halloween goodies and people have been asking for them - I'm somewhat of a newer lushie, but not that new but I haven't tried most of these scents or products so they are all new for me! This one is minty, but I get a really strong spicy, warm smell to it as well. I love when they include a big bottle of shower gel as well! (Price point, this is around $23 CAN). 

I love that everything included in this month's box was either Fall or Halloween - I had a feeling it would be, as Lush takes their holidays pretty seriously so I knew I couldn't miss an October box by them! Everything was bath products this month, but there was still a good variety within the bath products (I do love to see lotions or a bit different products sometimes too). 

As a Canadian the shipping cost really adds to the total cost making this just under $100 per month for me. I paid $94.13 for this box, which works out to about $18.83 per product, with the 5 products in the box. This came with about $56 worth of products; however, the value is worth a little bit more because these are exclusive products and when some of them were previously brought back in the Lush Kitchen, they were sold at a bit of a higher price. I mean the value of the box isn't exorbitant given that I am paying for shipping, but that is also something I knew before ordering the box and I do think if you're a Lushie, you would like this box! It isn't a box I'm expecting a ton of value out of as a lot of my cost is shipping, so I'm happy to receive the exclusive products and try lots of old favourites! (But, it's worth mentioning value and cost if it's something you are considering purchasing yourself!)

October 2020 - Lush Kitchen Subscription Box

What do you guys think about this subscription?! 


  1. Oh my gosh - Lush always has some amazing goodies for the holidays! Super cute!!
    Jenna ♥
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  2. This looks like a fun subscription box, but outch the price!!

  3. I love thet lush is making a box. So heat that it is exclusive stuff. Too bad about the shopping though