Friday, August 14, 2020

Five on Friday - August 14, 2020

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a great week - it's been a busy work week, so I'm happy it's the weekend! 


July 2020 Owlcrate Unboxing
I purchased everything in this post - this post contains affiliate links

I just received my July Owlcrate subscription and this month's theme is "Date With Destiny". Each month the book Owlcrate includes is signed by the author and comes with a note from the author as well - they often have special edition covers just for the box, and they seem to include a lot of exclusive items just for Owlcrate, which is so fun! As a bookworm, I have been loving this subscription!  

The items included in this month's box are:
  • Book - Goddess in the Machine by Lora Beth Johnson ~ this is gorgeous hard cover printed book with sprayed edges and an exclusive cover. I'm excited because I don't typically reach for sci-fi books, but this one sounds really good: "Andra wakes up from a cryogenic sleep 1,000 years later than she was supposed to, forcing her to team up with an exiled prince to navigate an unfamiliar planet in this smart, thrilling sci-fi adventure!"
  • Enamel Pin ~ this month's pin is designed by Jubly Umph and it's inspired by the colours, birthmark and quote from the book! 
  • Cara Kozik ceramic mug ~ this is next mug in the gorgeous Cara Kozik Harry Potter series - this one is inspired by book 6, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Owlcrate has recently announced that they won't be featuring any more HP items in the box after the author's transphobic comments, but they will be finishing the final two mugs outside of the box. 
  • Apron ~ this apron was designed by @paperbackbones and it's inspired by the Raven Cycle. I don't actually love this item - the material isn't my favourite and the wording says "pancakes and predications", but I think it's supposed to be predictions?! I love the idea of an apron, just not how it came out (but I do like that's it's black and neutral so everyone can wear it!)
  • Woodmark ~ this is a double sided wooden book mark - one side is Rey and the other is Kylo Ren. I love the colours and think this is a good little addition to the box.
  • Tea ~ Riddle's Tea Shoppe has created an exclusive blend "Sour Cherry Scones" inspired by a character's favourite breakfast in Carry On. I've never read the book but I love the sound of this and I'm glad it's a caffeine free tea as I prefer my tea drinking at night time! 
  • Paperclip Set ~ this set of arrow paperclips and case is inspired by The Hunger Games and it's really cute! I will certainly use these and love the quote on the front! These were also created by @paperbackbones.
If you are interested in signing up, Owlcrate is $29.99 US per month, plus shipping, which just went up to $14.99 to Canada.

I know that this is a little expensive with conversion, but I'm a bookworm and I've really been loving the products they send and love some of the exclusive items they include! I might take a break for a while after next month's subscription just because I have lots of books and the price is going up! 


One of my favourite online Calgary shops, Ivory Lane Boutique had a sale and I picked up a few gorgeous pieces because I can't resist a sale! I got a tank top from The Roster, a Tee Shirt, a really pretty pink long sleeve shirt, a wrap top and a fluffy jacket! They also have a great reward system, and if you are interesting in ordering from them, I would love if you used my referral link here: Http://Rwrd.Io/Dnlzft7 - also, they have 25% off your first order if you sign up for their newsletter (which gives you early access to new releases!)


The Night Circus

Okay, I am so in love with The Night Circus and I found a few editions I didn't have yet, that I thought really needed to be on my book shelf, because this is seriously my favourite book. These were all from the same ebay seller so I didn't feel as crazy (but yes, I know this is a little extreme) - but I especially love the UK cover (on the left) and the white one with sprayed edges I'd never seen before! 


I was out of town when Calgary implemented their masking in all indoor spaces policy on August 1 and I haven't mentioned it yet. I know I was really hopefully at the start of the pandemic that covid would be over soon, but that's clearly not the way this virus is going. So, I do understand the masking indoors policy and it makes sense as it's proven to reduce the spread, especially indoor public spaces where it is harder to stay far enough away from each other. 

I'm not out and about a whole lot right now (other than activities with the kids but we are trying to stay outdoors) other than work and we've been wearing masks for months, just a few stores here and there - we got comfortable cotton ones and it's easy to just stick 'em on. Is your jurisdiction mandating it to right now? Always love to hear your thoughts! 


One of the places we did go this week is The Calgary Zoo - it's always a favourite stop for us and I'm glad they've found a way to reopen during this time and it's so big that it's easy to stay far enough away from people. It's also Elliott's favourite place to go - he loves all the animals!

I hope you all have a great weekend! 

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