Friday, November 2, 2018

Five on Friday - November 2, 2018

Happy Friday everyone! Can you believe it is November already?! Seriously, where has this year gone! 


Before we move on to November, I have to reflect on the best day of October - HALLOWEEN! This year the whole family was Ninja Turtles and I was so excited there is finally 4 of us for the whole gang to have a costume! 

Elliott loved his Halloween costume and pretty much wore it all day! We went to the mall in the morning to play with his friend, had the grandparents stop by before nap and then wore it again for trick-or-treating! He was running around saying Turtle the whole time and was so cute! And, if you are interested in seeing how I did my makeup, you can check out my post here


And, November means it is time for NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month), so for every day of the month I am going to do my best to post! I managed to do it last year, so I think I an do it again this year - it's actually a lot of work; but, really good for the blog! 


And, because Halloween is over and it's November, I can officially go in to full on Christmas Mode! I love Christmas so much - we already have a couple of things ready to go (even though it pains me a little to think about Christmas before Halloween is over, somethings need to be done early! 

So, I ordered our matching family pajamas for our Christmas cards and present morning - I was worried that they would take a while to ship. (I just ordered these from Amazon and they actually arrived quite quickly!) And, also the family advent calendars are all ready to go! I'm excited for all of these and one of them is a D.I.Y. so I'm going to do a whole Family Advent Calendar post later this month! Now, I'm prepping gift lists and getting ideas ready! I love Christmas! 


I recently won a huge prize pack from Revlon thanks to the CBB Twitter Chat we participated in! I was so excited - I actually haven't tried a lot of Revlon and I'm the first to admit it's because I just haven't tried a ton of drugstore brands. But, I'm so impressed with the products coming out of the drugstore that I have tried, that I can't wait to dig in! I received a ton of stuff from shadows, to liners, to lip products and more! You can look forward to some Revlon content coming! 


It's time for a look at my October Declutter! I'm constantly purging and passing on products, as I have lots to use, I might as well only use what I like! 

I'm passing on:
-The Oryza lipstick I just got in Ipsy - it's pretty, but for the amount of lipstick that I wear, it's just not a shade for me. 
-The Peripera tint looks super cute but it's a bright red and I know I won't wear it other then to review it, so I'm just going to pass it on to someone who will use it! 
-The Pixi blush is pretty, but it's not a product that's around anymore and I actually have someone I think will really like this shade!
-The Memebox Space Kitten mask hurt so much when I peeled it off that I will never use this again. I'm going to see if a friend wants its, if not I will just toss it. 
-The Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner was just getting old and gloopy - it was sort of dry and I tried to use it and it just pushes up in big clumps. It's totally un-useable. 
-The Tarte Creaseless concealer is possibly the worst concealer I've ever tried - I don't know how anyone uses this and lies it. It's so thick and heavy and it doesn't blend out well because it dries immediately. It's just not good. 
-The Pur Soiree Diaries palette was pretty; but, overall it's actually just too dark of a neutral palette for me - I find there isn't a lot of mid-tone shadows and it's too dark for work wear. After using it in a palette of the week, I know I won't reach for it. 
-The 2 Kat Von D Mother lippies are just not something I reach for - I don't support Kat Von D any longer as a brand; but, I didn't initially toss these because they are a good formula. But, I never reach for this colour, so someone else can use them. 
-And, the Ordinary just went crazy last month and again it's a brand I don't really want to celebrate. I know there are people who love this primer and I have lots, so no need for it. 

I hope you all have a great weekend! I'm not feeling well so I'm hoping to get lots of rest this weekend (I finally don't have anything on the go!)


  1. Do you not support KVD because of her anti-vaccine crazinesss? That is my reason...I just can't anymore. And your family SO CUTE!

    1. Yup it's my reason for sure - I'm not in to her comments at all. I can't support that. And, I didn't use these so all her stuff can just be out of my collection! And, thank you!!! :)