Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Manicure Tuesday - Essence Cosmetics Pastel Ombre Top Coat Review

I'm back from vacation - thanks for being patient with me! I hope everyone had an amazing week! I'm will getting back in to posts as quickly as I can! 

I broke a nail while on vacation so I had to cut the rest down, and I have soooo many goodies from my trip that I can't wait to dig in to! Including the Essence Cosmetics Ombre Top Coat - it is supposed to lighten your polish I coat at a time for an ombre effect without lightening the color yourself while applying! 

Here is a look at my Mani of the Week:
Essence Cosmetics Pastel Ombre Top Coat Review

Ahhh... okay I know it is clearly patchy and really uneven! With my first attempt at this, I'm not super impressed. It did not go on smooth and was hard to make even on the nails. Each layer of top coat had to dry, but the more layers you added, the more uneven and blotchy it got! 

I loved the concept of this, but overall, it did not deliver great with results. I'm hoping maybe for my first time trying it that it is user error and I will give it one more shot in the near future to double check it my results. 

Here is a look at the products I used:
-Formula X Nail Cleanser and Base Coat
-China Glaze Polish in "Seas The Day"
-Essence Nail Art Pastel Ombre Top Coat
Here is how I created this Mani:
1. Nail Cleanser and Top Coat
2. Paint 2 Coats of a base polish in any color of your choice (I wouldn't pick anything shimmery though...)

3. Add the Ombre Top Coat and remember to let top coat dry in between each coat (1 nail no polish, 1 coat to 4 nails, 2 coats to 3 nails, 3 coats to 2 nails and 4 coats to 1 nail) 
Essence Cosmetics Pastel Ombre Top Coat Review

Let dry well and ta-dah, ombre nails! I'm not loving them, in fact it is a good thing it is a short mani week for me as these are not looking too hot. Boo! I was really, really excited for this product so I have to say I am quite disappointed with the results.


  1. oh I've nearly picked up the ombre top coat twice... I think I will pass. Thanks for the review!

    1. right it sounds really great, but didn't work out so well unfortunately

  2. Welcome back! I hope your trip was awesome!

  3. I picked this up but have not tried it yet. You're the second review I read today about it and both are patchy. Damn. :-(

    1. yes I am hoping maybe trying it again will work... different color shade or something, but my first impressions were not good