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February 2016 - Birchbox Canada Review and Unboxing

Birchbox is the original sample beauty box and started shipping to Canada last year. It is $10 a month + $4.95 shipping to Canada. Each month you receive 5 sample (or full size) products based on a beauty profile you complete.

My last post about Birchbox indicated that they have decided to put their Canadian subscriptions "on hold" - which in my terms means they are never coming back! There was a bit of a mess in how they would refund my yearly subscription as I was only a few months in but they did give me my money back so it worked out.

February is my last month of Birchbox:
February 2016 - Birchbox Canada Review and UnboxingBirchbox usually comes in cute boxes and each month has a different design! 
Nothing is feeling super exciting to me at first glance.

I do like that Birchbox includes a detailed product card in the box - here is a look at the products in the box. 
February 2016 - Birchbox Canada Review and Unboxing

Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment ~ travel size 1 oz for $16. An intensive weekly treatment that nourishes each strand, increasing strength and manageability, leaving hair soft, shiny and smooth. 

One thing I will not miss about Birchbox is the amount of hair products they send - I just don't use them that often. I have liked the Living Proof items I have received and I will use hair masks, but is not something I would buy for myself. 

Clean - "Rain" ~ sample size 0.03 for $1.11 (full sized is 2.14 oz for $79). CLEAN Rain captures the pure scent of a delicate rainfall. An aquatic floral fragrance, it intertwines hints of bright daffodil, dewy melon, water lilies, daisies, and a sheer musk. A sparkling pure scent brings to mind the bright scent of rain—when droplets cling to the leaves of budding flowers and the whole world feels pure and bright. CLEAN Rain bottles precious moments that will uplift your spirits year-round. 

February 2016 - Birchbox Canada Review and Unboxing

Arrow Boost Color Enhancing Lip Balm ~ full size $18. Between running things at the office, running errands, and trying to hit the gym (to run some more), we usually find ourselves running low on time. Enter: this high-tech, moisturizing lip balm from Birchbox brand ARROW. Formulated to adjust to your unique pH, it enhances each wearer’s natural lip color to create the perfect, just-for-you hue. Nourishing ingredients like mango seed butter hydrate and protect lips, and the lightweight, subtle formulation allows it to go wherever you do—from pre-work yoga to a lunch date to happy hour. Another perk? It boasts a lovely minty scent. Like all products in the ARROW collection, it is vegan, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.

This was the sample choice from this month, but seriously $18 for a lip chap?! I don't care what it does, I won't be repurchasing it for that much! It's lipchap... I mean I will use this one but that's it... 

February 2016 - Birchbox Canada Review and Unboxing

Naobay HydraPlus Cream ~ sample size 30 ml for $17.76 (full size is 50 ml for $29.60). Harsh cleansers and dry air leave our skin worse for wear—but that’s nothing this ultra rich face cream can’t fix. Designed to boost moisture levels in the skin, its combination of sage extract, olive oil, aloe vera, marshmallow, and chamomile delivers a deep surge of hydration providing all-day protection against external aggressors. Meaning? That soft, supple skin you’ve been longing for is finally yours for good (no matter what you put it through).

This is a really good sample size - I am impressed. This looks well reviewed so I am looking forward to using it! 

Paula’s Choice RESIST C15 Super Booster ~ sample size 0.12 oz for $10.57 (full size is 0.67 oz for $59.00). If the skincare world had a gifted program, this vitamin C face treatment from Paula’s Choice would be a shoo-in. The light-as-water formula visibly brightens skin in a matter of weeks, fading dark spots and wrinkles caused by everything from acne to sun exposure. Not only that, but it promotes plumper, younger-looking skin with a blend of smoothing antioxidants and collagen boosters. If acne is still a nuisance for you, fear not—the fast-drying liquid is ideal for all skin types and won’t clog your pores.

I have actually used this before and received in a box last year I think - it broke me out so I'm not sure if I will try this or not! 

Birchbox came with 5 products (1 full size) and a total value of $63.44 - where was this value every other month?! Last month was only $21 altogether. I'm decently happy with the contents of this box, but this is my last month of Birchbox because they are leaving Canada! 

If you want to check out my past Birchbox reviews, you can go here and if you are interested in signing up for Birchbox, well too bad, you can't! Sorry! Unless you live in the U.S. then you are good still! 

What did you think of this month's Birchbox?

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