Sunday, November 15, 2015

Skincare Sunday Product Review - Ladykin Vanpir Dark Repair Cream

With the transition in to Fall, so comes the need for a thicker face cream! I have a few I am using, but I would love to show you guys this Ladykin cream! 

Ladykin Vanpir Dark Repair Cream ~ $15 US. LadyKin Vanpir Dark Repair Cream is especially designed to suit all skin types. Its formula stimulates skin' s metabolism. Its formula stimulates skin's metabolism. It easily absorbs into skin to give moisture and suppleness witout being greasy. It helps to reduce wrinkles, freckles and blemishes, and remove fine lines. Clearing facial spots, it whitens skin and contracts expanded pores. It improves the skin condition, supplies the faint skin deep protection and makes the skin recover brilliance and moisture. It will give you velvety softness and youthful appearance.

This originally came in a past Memebox, but I bought it off of someone's Pinterest board. First off, how cute are these little fangs for a skin-reparing, whitening cream?! 

This cream sounds really great and offers pretty much everything I would be looking for in a face cream! Here is a look at the texture:

This is a thicker cream, but it goes on quite light and very smooth:

I love the texture of this lotion, and it smells really good! The texture is very smooth and soft on the face - I really love how this feels on my skin! It is a bit on the thicker side, so it is perfect for this transition to Fall when the weather gets very dry! I do think this product delivers on skin-repairing and redness reduction! 


  1. Oooh! I'll have to bookmark this one to try in the future.