Monday, November 2, 2015

Manicure Monday (texture nails) + Monthly Pedicure (Aurora Gel Polish) and some November Cozy Comforts!

I love some added goodies on my nail night! I was inspired to share them with you this week because the November Beauty Bloggers theme is "Cozy Comforts" - here are some goodies I use to take my Manicure Mondays to the next level! 

  • Candle - this one is Farm Fresh Apple Preserves
  • Foot Scrub - this is Flip Flop Foot Fix Dry Foot Scrub
  • Foot Lotion - this one is Mentha Foot Tingling Foot Cream
  • Hand Lotion - this one is Healthy Hand and Nail Conditioning 
For my Manicure this week, I thought I would do texture nails - here are the products I used:
  • Formula X Nail Cleanser and Base Coat
  • Trust Fund Beauty in "Elegantly Wasted"
  • OPI in "To Be Or Not To Beagle"
  • Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat
Here are the steps I followed for this week's Mani:
1. Nail Cleanser and Base Coat
2. 1 coat of base polish

3. Let dry and add 1 coat of texture polish
4. Top Coat

Here is my final result:

I love the colors in the OPI texture polish! 

Now, for my monthly Pedicure I really wanted to try a Gel Polish out - here is a look at the products I used:
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat
  • Aurora Gel Effect Nail Lacquer in "Inky Dinky" (from Ipsy)
  • Formula X Nail Cleanser and Base Coat
Here are the steps I followed for this month's pedicure:
1. Nail cleanser and base coat
2. 2 coats of gel effect polish
3. Gel Top Coat 

Here is a look at my final result:

This polish looks super dark on, but I quite like it - it is a little more purple than this picture shows! 


  1. that looks like such a relaxing night! I love candles and a manicure :)