Friday, November 27, 2015

Five on Friday - November 27, 2015

Happy Black Friday everyone - while us Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving a long time ago, I love that we get to participate in Black Friday deals! (I am going to try and just buy gifts, but likely I will get something for myself!)

This hasn't been a super great week for me, I still have lots of posts to get done! But, I had a minor surgery on Tuesday and I thought that would give me lots of time to do my posts but it did not! Anyways, I am feeling better now and I will get them done! 


Look at these awesome Christmas crackers - I got them last week when The Face Shop had a 25% off sale so they worked out to $11 for 3 which is awesome! Every year my girlfriends and I do a Girls Night Christmas with a Secret Santa gift exchange - I figure skincare crackers are the perfect addition to a girls night!!!


We got our Disneyland tickets!!! My son does not want to return to Disneyland until he is 12 (so not until 2017 - he is so funny), so my husband and I are going to go for a couple of days before meeting up with some friends in Palm Springs. Is that weird we are going without him?! I hope not... because we are excited! 


Facebook Auction finds!!! Ok, seriously guys I got both of these items for $11!!!! This is a full size Laura Mercier translucent powder (it has been sitting in my Sephora cart for $46!) and this Cake lotion is HUGE and smells amazing!!!! Such a good find! 


This weekend I watched the Battle Royale movie - have you seen this?! I loved the book when I read it and have been waiting to see the movie! It was actually quite funny, but I had to tell my husband that the book is waaaay better (think this movie was made 15 years ago, so not the best technology!) I love following up books with movies and compare if they play out how I think they will! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 


  1. I did not know that battle royal was also a book, I must check it out! Did you know there's a sequel movie too?

    1. Yes the book is great - I would say much better with the movie! I didn't know there was a sequel - I will have to watch it!