Wednesday, November 26, 2014

MemeBox Superbox #72 Etude House Beauty Box Review + coupon codes

Memebox is a Korean Beauty Box company - it is not a monthly subscription box - they instead have a ton you can choose from ranging in price from $15 and up - usually between $23 and $29. (It might be better for me if it was a subscription box because I buy more than 1 per month!!!)

All the boxes have different themes and they are limited quantities and sell out quickly - so if you see one you like, don't hesitate! The boxes come with 4-8 full size and deluxe sample size items & they usually show you 1 spoiler from the box and the rest are all surprises! Shipping to Canada is $6.99 (shipping does take any where from 10-20 business days) and they ship worldwide!

The Etude House Box was called an epic moment in Memebox history! This is how it is described: 
Who says serious skincare and makeup has to be, well, serious? Not Etude House!
Although Etude House’s cult-favorite products pack a punch with seriously effective ingredients, their cheeky names and ridiculously cute packaging never fail to make you smile! Offering a wide range of beauty products, Etude House delivers 100% satisfaction for all!

The box was $32 + $6.95 shipping. Here is the first look:

Etude House is so cute! 

Here is a closer look at the products:
Play Therapy Sleeping Pack ~ full size $10 ($8 online).This is a sleeping pack that firms and nourishes skin by hugging skin overnight with its nutrition compact and collagen ingredients. 
I love a good night cream! This feels awesome and is very moisturizing (and it smells awesome!)

Face Conditioning Fixer ~ full size $12 ($10 online). This is a makeup boosting fixer that once applied, provides a cool calming effect and perfects long-lasting smooth makeup. 
This can be applied before, during, or after make-up application! This is great, I use it after and has worked well! 

Oh My Lash Mascara 01 Top Coat ~ full size $5 ($4 online).This gel-based clear topcoat refreshes  and protects any mascara all day with a glossy, water resistant finish. 
This can also be used on bare lashes - this just isn't a product I am interested in - I can see why someone may want to use a mascara top coat but I'm usually out the door as my mascara is drying, no time to put on a top coat too!

Brow Mascara in "Natural Brow" ~ $7 ($6 online). Brow mascara combs to set, shade and moisten borws for a refine natural look. This is too light for my eyebrows for me to test it out! I will pass this on.

Belle Dress "Pretty Look" Shower Cologne ~ $8 ($7 online) After the shower, wipe off the moisture and spray it all over the body to absorb it with light pounding work. This is such a cute little container; however, I do not often use body sprays so I think I will pass this one too without opening it!

Moistfull Collagen Cream ~ full size $18 ($15 online). Formulated with Baobab Leaf Mucus and 30% of Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen, this refreshing, yet concentrated moisturizer helps to hydrate for a youthful, water bouncy skin. This is apparently a good moisturizer for both summer and winter and it was very smooth and worked great. This also came with a sample size of Moistfull Super Collagen Ampoule Essence which is great!

Etude House is a fun brand and I really enjoy that everything is very affordable. This box came with 6 full size products and 1 additional sample product) with a total value of $60 (a little less based on the Etude House website) but is still a good value. Meme boxes generally come with a very high value so this value is just okay. 

This box was mixed for me - unfortunately half of the products I just did not find very useful to me! The 3 products I do like though are really great and are good quality!!

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