Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 2014 Fabletics Work-out Wear Subscription Box Review + 50% off

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Fabletics is a workout wear monthly subscription box! For $49.95 CDN (and up) + $4.95 shipping you get a full workout outfit (2-3 pieces). It usually consists of a bottom, top, and accessory or sports bra! 

When you first sign up now you get your first outfit for 50% off (actually an amazing deal!). To me, the best part of this subscription is that you can skip any month as often as you want - I love this option because I won't pay $55 a month for workout clothes, but it would be nice every few months to get something new.

As a VIP you will be shown new outfits on the 1st of the month - you have until the 4th of each month to select your style or skip. If you do not select any option, you credit card will be charged and you will be given a credit on their website for any future purchase. There have been some complaints on this but the website is upfront about this policy so I say, just make sure you don't forget!!

Here is my November Fabletics outfit:
It is called "Fallen" and is three pieces - this outfit was more than the average monthly outfit, and was $79.95. (It was just so pretty, I couldn't resist!)

I love these 3 pieces! Fallen came with a shrug, tank top, and capris. 

Salar Capri ~ $39.95. I love the pattern on these capris!!! They fit so nice and are a little thicker material - but not too thick. They fit perfect and are good quality. 

Aventura Tank ~ $19.95. This is very soft cotton and really cute - my only problem is that I ordered a size M (which is perfect in the pants and great for my last top) and was too big on me! So bummer - I think I will just sell it instead of trying to return it. And next time I will know to go a size down in loose fitting tanks!

Astoria Shrug ~ $39.95. Now this is perfect - I did read reviews that there layering pieces fit a little big so I went with a size smaller and it was a good idea. This fits perfect and is so nice and soft - this will be a staple in my wardrobe for sure! 

I am really excited for Fabletics - September was the first month they shipped to Canada - and the clothes are good quality. My favorite part is how easy it is to skip so you only need to pay for it when you want to!

If you are interested in signing up (50% off your first outfit!) I would love it if you used my referral link here:

Did you get Fabletics this month?

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