Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 2014 Beauty Box Comparison - Ipsy vs. TopBox vs. Beauty Box 5

Here is my chart breakdown for the three inexpensive Beauty Boxes available in Canada:

Ipsy this month was just okay for me this month - I liked the face wipes, lotion and hair bb cream; the lipstick was not a great color for me; and, the green eyeshadow was a miss. The value was also the lowest of the 3 bags - but the little makeup bag it came in this month was so cute! So overall - not my favorite but still good!
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Beauty Box 5
Beauty Box 5 this month was an improvement from the last box - I will use all 5 products I received. I think the tool and the chap stick are practical; I really like the serum and the cheek and lip tint (where most of the value came from); and the nail polish is good but I wish it had been in a more "fall" shade. So overall a decent box - I like when I get everything I can use!
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This month for TopBox I wished for the Elizabeth Arden Box and received it! I was really interested in the skin care products and they did not disappoint - even though these were all samples, this box still had the best value - I loved the 3 skin care products, I just wish the moisturizer was a tad bigger! This was my favorite box out of the 3 and everything will get used!
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I like to do these reviews each month, to see how the 3 inexpensive Beauty Boxes/Bags line up each month. I also do it because I think it is good information for newbies to subscription boxes - if you are interested in checking out my past comparisons you can go here

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