Friday, August 22, 2014

August 2014 Beauty Box Comparison - Beauty Box 5 vs. Ipsy Vs. Topbox

Here is my Chart Comparison on the August 2014 value beauty boxes, Ipsy, Topbox, and Beauty Box 5:

Ipsy: My Ipsy bag had a lower value then expected this month (the lowest of the 3 boxes). On that note, I did enjoy the amount of make up items and I will use every product I received. I loved the mascara and the primer! The blush, eyeliner and lip gloss are all great extra or travel items! I don't always mind the low value, because if I love a product, it will be a reasonable price for a full sized item. I think Ipsy was the best this month out of the 3 boxes.
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Beauty Box 5: Beauty Box 5 had a great value this month! That Purlisse moisturizer sample has a great value behind it (I did end up getting this item in 2 boxes this month). There was a good mix of makeup, hair, skincare, and nail items - I like getting one of each! I will use 4 out of the 5 items - the only item I will not use is the lip gloss because it is just not a nice color on me!
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TopBox: Topbox had the best value of all 3 boxes this month! I will use every item in this box and my favorite item is the lotion (surprisingly this item is full size) and it is amazing. I will be using the discount code I received to purchase more! The nail polish is a great brand and I will use everything. I did receive a duplicate item and my only complaint is that there was only nail and skin care items - and I would have liked to see more variety!
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What was your favorite beauty box this month?


  1. This spreadsheet is awesome, can you come organize my life, please? I'm not a detail oriented person at all, but I love how you broke this down. Also, after looking at your TopBox reviews I'm pretty sad they don't ship to the US. Hopefully soon!
    Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Thank you - glad you liked it! I like to se it all laid out in front of me to help me (and others) figure out which is your best option! And I know the feeling - I have a list of boxes that only ship to the U.S. that I'm waiting to jump on if they ever ship to Canada!!