Sunday, November 19, 2023

Winter 2023 - The Jilly Box Subscription Unboxing

I'm a big fan of Jillian Harris, so when she announced that she was starting a subscription box, I was so excited! The box started with the Winter 2019 box and sadly, I was not one of the lucky originals who won a subscription spot, so I sign up every season and hope to get picked for a lottery spot!

Winter 2023 - The Jilly Box Subscription Unboxing
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The Jilly Box is a quarterly seasonal subscription box - the products within the box include some of Jillian’s (and Team Jilly’s!) favourite items (and brands) from home decor, fashion, bath and beauty, health and wellness, accessories perfect for each season. Some of the items included will be custom designed exclusively for the Jilly Box. The Jilly Box really focuses on including products from small, local businesses while being ethically sourced and inclusive. They also focus on reducing plastic waste and packaging - the big boxes can be turned inside out and reused! Also, they try to include Canadian, woman owned brands, as well as Bipoc and LGBTQ owned brands as well. 

The Jilly Box is $199 CAN quarterly + taxes and includes free shipping to Canada and the U.S. And, while this is on the pricier end for a subscription box, it will contain at least $400 worth of products each season! The box is shipped out prior to the start of each season - so the Winter box shipped in mid-November.

The box always includes a little booklet that includes information about each product, recipes, interviews with makers and more! Here is a closer look at all the products in the Winter 2023 Jilly Box:

Winter 2023 - The Jilly Box Subscription Unboxing

Noize Avalon Puffer Jacket ~ $260.00 CAN. One of my #1 Winter essentials is a cute jacket that I can wear strolling through the ski village! So, I knew that I needed to include one of my favourites in this season's box. We teamed up with Noize to add a Jilly Box twist to their Avalon Puffer Jacket. From the cropped fit to the sleeve length, the little messages printed on the inside and the four custom colours, this was made just for you! Whether you get pink, blue, black or cream, you will look cute all Winter long! 

This is so cute - I can't believe they managed to fit a whole Winter jacket in this box! Puffer jackets are everywhere right now and this one is great - I love the look. I picked a size large and got black and I'm super excited with this. I don't have a jacket like this so for me, this is great to get in a subscription box! 

Little Buck Backwoods Pom Toque ~ $48.00 CAN. One of my favourite Winter accessories is a toque with a big pom pom! And thanks to Little Buck, a brand I have adored for a long time, they were able to help me design one of my very own! This custom Jilly Box toque comes in two different colours - blue and pink - and has "Apres Ski" written in a beautiful font. It's made with recycled polyester and acrylic to ensure the perfect stretch and it's actually produced right here in Canada! I was first introduced to Little Buck when they sent hats to Leo when he was a newborn, so to work with them all these years later to create this hat for you has been amazing!

This is such a cute toque - I don't wear toques a ton, but I do once in a while and this one is adorable. I think we've receive another toque in a Jilly Box before, but I love the pink and the design on this one and will definitely wear it! 

Winter 2023 - The Jilly Box Subscription Unboxing

Midnight Paloma WS Jilly Box x Peppermint Body Scrub ~ $30.00 CAN. Keeping my skin soft and smooth in the colder Winter months is an absolute must! This creamy Peppermint Body Scrub gently exfoliates and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. After a busy day, this scrub is great to destress and get your ready for a good night's sleep! It is also made by hand in small patches in Vancouver to ensure the highest quality, with unique ingredients, not to mention it has an incredibly refreshing scent. 

I love a gently scrub that lathers up - this ones smells really great (peppermint always reminds me of the holidays) and so this is great. Skincare and body care is always great to get and this is something I will use asap! 

All Things Jill Lavender, Mint and Eucalyptus Shower Steamer ~ $18.00 CAN. A good steamy shower is one of my favourite ways to start the day on a good note! And popping one of these Lavender, Mint and Eucalyptus Shower Steamers into the corner of my shower completely elevates the experience. This makes pampering yourself and creating a luxurious atmosphere so easy. These shower steamers will change your shower game forever! 

I love shower steamers - you just pop them in the corner of the shower. The eucalyptus scent is so good and so refreshing! I'm so excited to use these and there is quite a few in there so these will last me for a while. 

Winter 2023 - The Jilly Box Subscription Unboxing

An Honest Room Alpine Bells ~ $30.00 CAN. One of the best things about Apres Ski is the cozy vibes of the ski lodge or cabin after a long day. I wish I could create that same ambiance at home. With the alpine bells, you can! Bring a sense of warm nostalgia and rusticness to your space with the addition of these charming bells. This style of bells was originally used by cattle farmers to keep track of grazing herds in the Alps. Eventually, the bells became a winter staple when those same farmers used them to cheer on skiers! 

These are so rustic and cute I can't wait to hang them up somewhere in my house! These sound so lovely too and I always love little decor items in the boxes. 

Indaba Ceramic Tealight Village ~ $30.00 CAN. Something that always get me in the mood for the Winter season is decorating the house! These adorable little houses are Scandinavian-inspired and handmade! I remember setting up little holiday villages when I was a kid, and these are elevated versions of those. You can add a tea light in the back and it will light up beautifully, or you can string lights through the holes in the bottom! These are perfect for tablescapes, fireplace mantels, or wherever your heart desires. 

These are adorable - I absolutely love the style of these and they will be perfect for holiday decor with some little tea lights or fairy lights inside! Again, these are perfect for the Winter box and I'm always happy with the home items we get! 

The Jilly Box Custom Jilly Box Playing Cards ~ $30.00 CAN. When heading up to the mountain, I always pack a deck of cards because as long as you have cards, the possibilities of fun are endless! Team Jilly Box designed these custom playing cards inspired by vintage ski posters! Who knew a deck of cards could be so cute?! Perfect or playing games around the table after a fun day on the hill or while you wait in the lodge! 

These are cute - we are a big game family, so I do have a lot of cards, but never hurts to have an extra pack at all and these will get used! 

Overall, I thought this was a really cute box - I will use everything and love the winter jacket and hat! I love the holiday decor items and no bath or body product goes to waste in my house!  While the box is pretty indulgent at $200 a quarter, it did come with a value of $446.00 CAN. I'm really excited about this box! 

Have you tried this subscription box yet?! 


  1. This is such a good box. I am always out off by inflated pricing for the items in boxes like this, a $30 deck of cards? Really? Nthat being said I really love the coat and hat, it's such a good value this time because of them

    1. I agree with the pricing of some things - I mean they are a cute print, but no one is spending $30 on them! But overall, I love this box!