Saturday, November 11, 2023

Five on Saturday - November 11, 2023 ~ The Woman in Me Book Review, November Most Anticipated Books, My 37th Birthday, Disney Illusion Island Game, and Live to 100 Secrets of the Blue Zones Show

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"People can take everything away from you, but they can never take away your truth. But the question is, can you handle mine?" - My Prerogative. (yes I know that was an older song pre-Britney, but it's so fitting for her situation, it's uncanny!) I flew threw The Woman in Me by Britney Spears and took a few days to come up with my thoughts - obviously, I'm a Britney fan, I grew up in that era looking up to her, and watching everything happen but not really knowing what was going on. Her story has been dictated by everyone but her up to this point and so it was perfect to hear her side of the story and understand what was going on. What her family did to her (as well as the media, the paparazzi, everyone in her life basically) is so difficult - she had paid off all their debt and still had to take more. Forcing her to work, while simultaneously claiming she was incapable of caring for herself is so wild - if someone is that incapacitated, should they have been forced on to world tours and in recording studios just to line her father's pockets (who made more during that time than she did?!)

I'm glad she is in a place now where she is controlling the story and doing whatever she wants to do - after listening to her plead to a Judge and seeing her free from the conservatorship, this will help you understand where she is at and just what happened to her. While as a fan, I would love new music, I would also just love for her to be happy! 5 stars! 


I thought I would try something new last month and I am sharing my most anticipated reads of the month - November has some amazing books being released so I can't wait for some of these! What are you most excited for this month?


One Year Older over here - this past week was my 37th Birthday and I had a great day collecting some free stuff and I found 37 a little easier than 36! Happy to spend time with my family and have a good dinner and dessert to celebrate! 


One of the things I was excited for for my birthday was this Disney Illusion Island game and it's so much fun - we've been playing multiplayer and the graphics are cute and it's a fun little game! 


I flew through this show - Live to 100. I thought the concept was great and just touching on some healthy natural habits we can incorporate into our lives! 

Hope you have a good weekend! 

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