Tuesday, September 12, 2023

XO Treatment Room - Kiss This By XO in Bronzy Coral

It's no secret I'm a huge fan of local Calgary brand, XO Treatment Room (their line is XO Face Care) - their skincare products are amazing and they've slowly been delving in to the makeup world and I've been loving the products! I went for a facial recently, so when I saw they had a new makeup product I had to pick it up and try it! 

XO Treatment Room - Kiss This By XO in Bronzy Coral
I purchased this on my own

XO Treatment Room - Kiss This by XO in Bronzy Coral ~ $18.00 CAN. Nourishing non sticky glittery lip gloss. Perfect to wear on it’s own or over top your favourite nude lipstick.

This is described as a nourishing lip gloss with a hint of glitter in it - the creator of the product, Annie described these as an oil stain gloss that are enhanced with a plumping effect and long lasting moisture. These sounded amazing - I love a gloss, oil, stain - all of the above, I want it all on my lips always! 

This product comes in two shades - Bronzy Coral and Bubblegum Pink. I picked up Bronzy Coral and here it is swatched. I thought it would be perfect for Fall and I was not wrong! 

XO Treatment Room - Kiss This By XO in Bronzy Coral

This is a really nice formula - a comfortable lip gloss that is thick, but not sticky and is pretty long wearing for a gloss. I do like that it leaves a little hint of colour and shimmer to the lips, but wears really nicely and just gives a hydrating shine to the lips! 

Overall, I'm really happy with this. Yes, it's a lip gloss but I love wearing this. There is something to be said about a skincare company getting in to makeup - you know that there is going to be benefits of wearing the products and this is true about this! 

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