Monday, September 25, 2023

Manicure Monday - Fall Abstract Nails

Happy Manicure Monday - I hope you all had an amazing weekend! 

Manicure Monday - Fall Abstract Nails
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The #CBBxManiMonday group is keeping up doing Fall nails for the whole month of September - Fall shades are my favourite so I always enjoy this month and the nails we come up with! 

I love doing abstract nails - they are so much fun and easy to do because there is nothing wrong you could do! I also thought the addition of the bronzey foil would look amazing with the beige and burgundy colours of these nails! 

Manicure Monday - Fall Abstract Nails

The products I used for this week's manicure are:
I also used a nail art brush, a stamping tool and nail art foil with foil glue. 

Manicure Monday - Fall Abstract Nails

For this manicure, I started with a base coat and two coats of beige polish as the base. With the white polish I painted on a big swipe of polish at the top of my nails. Then with the maroon polish, I used the nail art polish I painted on a stripe or two in the middle of my nails, and then I dotted on the black polish to some of the empty space. Then I dotted on a little bit of foil glue and bronze foil on each nail and finished with a top coat! 

As always, make sure to check out Cosmetic Proof and PBL Nails for their Fall manicures! 

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