Friday, September 29, 2023

Five on Friday - September 29, 2023 ~ Relaxing Friday Night With Dr. Teals, Houseplant Hookups Book, Sheep River Falls, Smash and Tess Forever Frosted Dress, and 2024 Planner

Happy Friday everyone - I hope you all had a great week! I'm sorry I'm being such a bad blogger and only posting two times a week right now! I just feel like there is so much going on, I can hardly stay above water and I just don't have enough time to do it all! 


The Dr. Teals products and the Houseplants book were received as PR samples

Speaking of that, just in the nick of time, Dr. Teals sent me some relaxing bath products and I'm ready for some serious bubble bath time! I've reviewed their Foaming Bath and Epsom Salts, so these aren't new products on the blog, but this particular type are and they are lovely! 

This is the lavender line and it's perfect for relaxing, so it's what I needed right now - these retails for $10.99 CAN. If lavender isn't your favourite scent, there is also coconut, elderberry, eucalyptus and melatonin to pick from as well! I paired these with a candle, drink and a good book and that's exactly what I will be doing tonight! 


If you have a plant lover on your upcoming holiday shopping list, or birthday or any special occasion, you have to check out the book Houseplant Hookups by Agatha Isabel ($26.99 CAN)! It's basically a little dating app book for plants and what they need/what you're looking for, but it's in the cutest style! Check out my instagram for a little sneak peek at the inside! 


Last weekend we took a little time to drive South-west of Calgary to check out Sheep River Falls. It's a beautiful drive in the Fall and when you get to the Falls it's a short little walk! You can explore around the area and we go every year!


Alright, I know that I don't need anymore Smash and Tess; but, seriously, when I find a deal like a brand new dress for $30, I cannot pass it up! I love this one, it's a loose sequin midi-dress and it's gorgeous! Nice and comfy and so pretty! 


I just recently picked up a new 12-Month Planner from - this is the Medium Planner in Daisies ($29.99 CAN). It's so lovely and nicely organizer inside - it comes with stickers and it's super cute! 

I hope you all have a great weekend! 

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