Friday, July 7, 2023

Five on Friday - July 7, 2023 ~ GoodFood Meal Kit, Calaway Park, Peonies in My Garden, Ardene Clothing Haul, and Nimona

Happy Friday everyone - I'm on holidays right now, so I've pre-written this, I will be back to regular posting next week, but I'm also just looking at enjoying my Summer and lots of family time! 


The Good Food box was provided in exchange for a review

I'm so excited my food sharing has led to a partnership with GoodFood box - I've never actually used a meal subscription service before, so I'm even more excited to share that I actually really enjoyed this too! I've been a little hesitant before, but I selected 3 vegetarian meals for 4 people (we got Kimchi & Asian Green Topped Sweet Potatoes, Roasted Beet, Feta & Pistachio Quinoa Bowls, and Burst Cherry Tomato Tortellini). All three meals were around 30 minutes to prep, cook and make and they were delicious! My hubby and I actually argued about who was getting what for leftovers! Check out my instagram for a video to see how my meals turned out

I do have 100 credits for boxes up to $72 to give out - please comment your email, send my a dm on instagram or email me and I will send you the link (since it's limited I won't just post it here!)


This past weekend we went to Calaway Park and had a blast! Elliott is finally big enough for the coaster and a few bigger rides that we've been waiting for! Plus, this year they also have Dole Whip - my favourite Disneyland treat! 


The peonies in my garden have finally bloomed - my garden got a little fried this year, so I didn't get a ton of blooms, so finally got these lovely gems in my garden! 


Okay, I don't think that I have ever shopped at Ardene (I think I have a couple of things picked up here and there), but I was looking for a Spice Girls shirt as I missed that cute hoodie that was around everywhere and I felt like I needed to embrace my full 90s girl, then I picked up a few shorts. I sized up because I just wanted to be safe and it was a good haul. So, the Spice Girls Graphic Tee is $17.49, the Basic Cotton Biker Shorts are $10.80, and the Acid Wash Chambray Shorts are $17.43.


And, I just watched Nimona this week and loved it! I'm a big fan of the graphic novel and this was a lot of fun - a shape-shifter helping out a knight who found himself in some trouble! I enjoyed this! 

I hope you all have a great weekend! 

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