Thursday, January 26, 2023

The Three Worst Products I Tried in 2022 - Skincare and Makeup

You should know by now that I really try and shy away from poor or negative reviews - I like to keep things positive around here, so I typically only share things I love! Now, that doesn't mean I will lie, if something isn't great I would never say it is, but I tend to keep my content to things I enjoy. 

But, I make an exception for the Worst Products of the year, because these aren't just a little bad or I didn't like them, these are all pretty terrible products that I could never recommend them!

The Three Worst Products I Tried in 2022 - Skincare and Makeup
I purchased these products on my own

It's 2023, but do we still need disclaimers like, "just because I didn't like this single product, doesn't mean I don't love the brand" or, "please, don't be offended if one of these is your favourite products"? Because, yes all of that is true, and I think it should go without saying - a lot of these products are from brands that I like and have tried other things from and one product is not a reflection of the whole brand! And really, to only have 3 terrible products to talk about means it was a pretty good year! 

Rosen Skincare Break-out Spot Treatment ~ $16.00 CAN. The perfect thing to break out when your skin is acting up, Rosen Skincare Breakout Spot Treatment is a simple-yet-effective overnight spot treatment. Formulated with anti-microbial peppermint oil and zinc oxide.

This came highly recommended from a skincare influencer (one of the Welsh brothers); but, I can't believe how terrible this one. It's described as a paste-like consistency with a minty scent packed with anti-bacterials like Zinc Oxide, Apple Cider Vinegar and Peppermint Oil to help inflamed bumps go away. This is meant for large or inflamed acne, but honestly this didn't do anything for me at all (and I think maybe it made it worse). 

I am ride or die with the Cosrx pimple patches for working on acne overnight, so I tried this multiple times - it actually just accentuated and brought everything to the surface in big white heads and just made it worse. This was a no for me. But, this has worked for a ton of people and I'm likely in the minority. 

Nabla Vicious Mascara ~ $31.75 CAN. This high-volume, high-drama, vinyl formula is here to coat every single lash with ultra-dark definition.

I picked this up while I was in Italy because I really wanted to try more from this brand and I have shared a full review on this (you can check it out here!) This mascara is just not good at all - it's probably one of my least favourite formulas I've tried. While this added a little volume to my lashes, it made them too spidery and stuck together. It also smudged and transferred everywhere. Terrible formula! 

Benton Deep Green Cleansing Foam ~ $22.07 CAN. Perfect for sensitive skin, this cleansing foam is formulated with green tea extracts to thoroughly remove makeup and impurities while added camellia oil ensures skin is nourished and moisturized. Its gentle, hypoallergenic formula balances skin’s pH levels and doesn’t strip skin off its natural oils.

This is supposed to be a sensitive skin formula, but I actually only used this twice and I had to stop. This formula burned my eyes so bad as I was washing my face I would be in tears using this. So wild for a sensitive formula, but this was an absolute no for me. 

Did you try a really bad product this year?! I'd love to know (you know, as a warning!)

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