Sunday, October 9, 2022

Monthly Beauty and Book Haul ~ September 2022

I'm switching up my Monthly Haul posts a little bit this year, because I'm actually *trying* to stick to a bit of a budget! I've been going a little crazy on the beauty and books front, so I just want to be a little more thoughtful in my purchases. So. I'm trying to keep my beauty and book purchases to $200 a month - we'll see! 

I do always love my Monthly Haul posts - it's a good way to keep track of everything that I picked up each month. I don't always blog about everything I pick up (I try to), but if you ever spot anything in here that you really want me to talk about, let me know! 

I purchased everything in this post

Indigo Preorder ~ $18.56 CAN. I read the first in this series last year and it's fun - they are whimsical YA fantasy in a world I like and I enjoyed the characters in the first book. The Ballad of Never After is book 2, and how stunning is this hardcover?! 

ColourPop Purchase ~ $70.07 CAN. Okay, I know that this is a controversial purchase and all the hate towards JK Rowling is deserved, but there is something so nostalgic about Harry Potter for me, that I really wanted to pick this up. I know that she is financially benefitting and I have balanced my purchase to an organization as well. But, this collection is lovely - I picked up that palette and a Slytherin eyeliner. I will play with it all soon! 

Book Preorder ~ $27.74 CAN. Oh look another book I had to pre-order! I've really enjoyed all the books I've read from Adrienne Young before so when she announced she was releasing her first adult novel, I was excited. This is somewhere between a mystery and magical realism and I just started it! 

Lush Kitchen Subscription ~ $58.75 CAN. This might be the most exciting purchase for me! I have gotten the Lush Kitchen Box when it started in the UK a couple of years ago and paid upwards of $100 to have it shipped to me just to try out. So, when North America announced they were starting the subscription here, I squealed! Sooo so so excited to get it - you pay in September for the October box! 

Shoppers Haul ~ $10.46 CAN. I always save up my PC points for all my Shopper's Drug Mart needs. I picked up a few of my favourites - the UD setting spray, the Stila liner, and Bioderma. But, also picked up a few newer things to try such as Jason Wu, Lip Vinyls and a brow pencil! 

Free Little Library Finds ~ $0.00 CAN. All of these were books I picked up in free libraries (in exchange for some of my books) and I'm excited to read them all! 

Winners Find ~ $10.49 CAN. I was pretty excited when I saw Jaclyn Cosmetics in Winners - I've quite like the products that I've tried from the brand. I also like cream blushes, so I'm excited to try this one out! 

Auction Books ~ $8.00 CAN. I picked up a few graphic novels for a good price on an auction - I've read Mooncakes before and it was cute. I read another by Jen Wang recently and it was cute, so I thought Stargazer would be good and Primer looked cute! 

Free Soap ~ $0.00 CAN. Okay, I had to include this - I love Rocky Mountain Soap Co, so when I stayed in Canmore one weekend, they offered a green program with reduced room service for a soap! Delicious scent! 

Scratch Monthly Mani Kit ~ $21.22 CAN. I always love the Halloween nail wraps and these ones are really cute and simple! Adorable! Hoping I get them before Halloween so I can where them! 

So, for September 2022, I spent a total of $225.29 CAN on all my books and beauty - I'm pretty impressed I've stayed this close to my budget for so long! Woo hoo!  

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