Friday, September 17, 2021

Five on Friday - September 17, 2021 ~ Illumicrate The Night Circus Box, The Night Circus 10 Years, Drumheller Dinosaurs, 20 Years Friendship, and Lush Repeat Foot Balm

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all have a great week - it's kind of crazy here, Alberta is deep in to the 4th Covid wave and more measures were implemented and a vaccine passport system, which is great for those of us who are vaccinated, but it is just so up and down, it's a little exhausting. 


I purchased everything in this post

When Illumicrate announced that they were partnering with Erin Morgenstern to create a special edition The Night Circus box for the 10th Anniversary of the book, I knew that I had to get it! I was so excited, I've never actually picked up anything from Illumicrate, and this was separate from their regular book subscription. 

This box was £49 + shipping and VAT (shipping was £23.99 GBP), which worked out to about $130 CAN, plus I had to pay $15 taxes when the box arrived! The products that came in this box are beautiful:
  • Exclusive 10th Edition Book ~ This gorgeous book is signed by the author, with a special letter inside, as well as an exclusive silver cover, stencilled edges, and foil embossing on the hardcover - it is stunning! 
  • Hanging Banner ~ This is a pretty banner for hanging to advertise the circus being in town - it was designed by Sylvia Bi. It's lovely - I love some of the details of the wishing tree and Ice Garden, but I do wish it was more black, white and red theme to really fit! 
  • Enamel Pin ~ This is a huge enamel pin shaped like a pocket watch, so you'll always be on time for the circus! It is gorgeous and the hands of the clock can move around and the chain piece moves around. 
  • Foiled Art Print ~ This gorgeous red foil print shows when Celia and Marco meet for the first time (or knowing they are competitors for the first time with the umbrellas in the rain). It is designed by Noverantale. 
  • Tea For One ~ This is the most stunning item in this box - it is a very intricately detailed set that comes with a little tea pot, a tea cup and a saucer. It has quotes all over, beautiful art and details; it is amazing! It is designed by Chatty Nora. 
  • Metal Bookmark ~ This is a beautiful rendition of the "Wunschtraum" clock from The Night Circus - it is one of my favourite details in the book and this bookmark is pretty unreal! It's almost too stunning to use, but I am going to because it's so gorgeous! 
  • Book Tin ~ This is a fun book tin - it features Marco and Celia and even Poppet and Widget on the back. These are fun to store things and I love the little details this includes! 
There is some beautifully detailed items in here - as a Reveur I love collecting some of these and can't wait to make a pot of tea! 


And, on that note, this past week was the 10th Anniversary of The Night Circus - this is my absolute favourite book, it is so magical and lovely. I re-read it every September for the past 5 years or so and it just gets better every time. I love the magic, the love, the setting, the intricacies and nuances of the book and it's so lovely!


Last weekend we went to Drumheller to check out the dinosaurs at the Royal Tyrell Museum - both my boys want to be palaeontologists (right now), so it's always a great day there. We toured around the museum and then we also did a fossil casting class and we got to take some casts home with us! 


 This past weekend I went out to celebrate 20 years with my bestie - we went to a brewery, a night market and a games place called The Rec Room that we could play games - we played arcade games all night and had a blast! 


Alright, finally a Lush Favourite that I received in a past Kitchen Box is available everywhere! This Repeat Foot Balm made my Favourites back in May, and I've been using it a lot right now! Sometimes this box sends us products early, so I'm excited when they come to the mainstream collection. This is an Orange Foot Balm that is $14.95 CAN and is described as "This restorative balm softens up dry heels and cracked feet. Castor oil lubricates hard skin and cuticles while glycerine locks in moisture and orange peel wax shields and protects". Totally worth checking out if you are looking for a foot balm! 

I hope you all have a great weekend!