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My 2021 Makeup Collection & Inventory!

I did my first Makeup Collection post at the start of 2020 - I really wanted to actually see how much makeup I own, but also to track if I'm using things up and how that counteracts the new product that I'm bringing in to my collection! 

I absolutely love looking at other people's makeup collection and thought I should combine a look at my collection while inventorying it all! I will say that my collection is spread out in a room (sorry guests, no room for you here - it's full of makeup) and it does help me use everything because I'm very visual, so I like to have it all displayed! 

My 2021 Makeup Collection & Inventory!
Some products pictured were received as PR samples

While going through my inventory, I am including back up and samples in the counts as well! This also is only makeup (no skincare or nails - my skincare would be crazy to count!)

Primers = 19 (was 24) ~ This was one of my biggest categories, but I managed to get through some full sized primers in the last year. Plus, I didn't bring many new primers in to my collection over the past year because I know I have enough! 

Foundations, BB Creams and Tinted Moisturizers = 8 (was 13) ~ Okay, I managed to finish some products up last year, so I feel like I have a really manageable amount of products! I also have a few products that are closed to being used up! 

Concealers = 6 (was 8) ~ I haven't picked up many new concealers, so this is basically just what I've used up! I'm pretty good at keeping my concealer category at a really manageable size, so this seems good to me and includes a variety of formulas! 

Setting and Finishing Powder =  9 (was 12) ~ I've have lots of powder that I've been trying to used up over the past year, especially loose powder that I'm not loving and I did manage to get through some of them! I still have a few that I would like to finish up this year! 

My 2021 Makeup Collection & Inventory!

Bronzer = 3 (was 3) ~ I personally don't really pick up new bronzers, so even if I got a new one this year, I decluttered an old one! I am really just not drawn to buying bronzers and only use a little bit daily, so it's not a highly consumed product in my collection! 

Blushes = 13 (was 14) ~ I think I have a pretty good range of blushes - lots of different shades and brands. I honestly thought I picked up a few blushes this year, so I'm glad this number didn't really go up too unreasonably! 

Highlighters = 17 (was 15) ~ I love buying highlighters - I'm a total sucker for anything thats going to make me glow, so it's no surprise that I've added a few more to my collection. And seriously I can't use up a highlighter! But, I do have a decent range of shades and a few minis in my collection! 

Brow Products = 6 (was 9) ~ I have been pretty consistently using up brow products over the past year and haven't picked up too many! I had so many brow products that it was hard to use any up, so I'm really focusing on getting through the ones I have!

My 2021 Makeup Collection & Inventory!

Face Palettes = 12 (was 10) ~ I haven't broken these down for how many blushes, highlighters and bronzers are in here - they are all a little different! I love face palettes and there was some really pretty ones released last year - I am trying to reach for my face palettes more often because I tend not to, and I have a lot of really good ones right now! 

Setting Sprays = 5 (was 15) ~ So I picked up a crazy amount of setting sprays in 2019 and I used a few up - it's a product I use pretty consistently, plus I gifted a few, so it's down to a much more manageable size! 

Eye Primers = 9 (was 12) ~ This is another category that I don't need to buy any more of - it is going down as I haven't picked up anything new over the past year. Eye primers actually take so long to go through, so I still have more than I would like! 

Mascara = 3 (was 11) ~ Whoa, another category that's managed to go way down over the past year - a lot of the ones I had were sample sizes so I made my way through quite a few! I'm sure there will be a few more added this year as there is some formulas I wanted to try! 

My 2021 Makeup Collection & Inventory!

Pigments and Glitters = 35 (was 29) ~ I don't use these often, but I do have a lot of glitters in my collection! I have been making sure to use my glitters while shopping my stash this year! 

Single Shadows = 53 (was 48) ~ This category contains singles that I have in a magnetic palette, single shadows in individual packaging, my super shock shadows, and all my liquid and cream shadows. I love my single shimmers shadows and eyeshadow is my most bought product so these categories will be stacked! 

Eyeshadow Palettes = 53 (was 48) ~ This went up a fair bit as I picked up quite a few new palettes, but I do also manage to declutter older ones that don't really work for me! I have been keeping up with using a new palette every week so that I can justify having this many palettes! 

Lashes = 5 pairs (was 2 pairs) ~ This is a manageable category, I actually used up the last 2 pairs of lashes I had, so I picked up a few replacements and now I have a good variety of styles!

My 2021 Makeup Collection & Inventory!

Lip Liners and Primers = 9 (was 9) ~ I really want to remember to reach for lip liners this year - this is a product that I always forget to reach for when I'm doing my makeup! I didn't pick up any new ones and didn't use anything up, so the category stayed the same!

Lipstick = 72 Lipbalm & Gloss = 46 (total 118, was 108) ~ This is quite the category of products - I have so many and have managed to get through a few lip balms, but no one is getting through lip products while masking all the time! I still managed to pick up a few to add to my collection still though.

Eyeliners = 16 (was 20) ~ Another category that actually seems reasonable! Now that I've slowed down on the beauty subscriptions, I don't have a ton of these - I didn't really pick up any this year, so I'm just trying to use up the ones I have!

Alright, so altogether I have about 399 products inventoried in my collection - actually down a little overall from last year when I had 423 products. I don't have any goals of where I'd like my collection to be, but it is nice to see that focusing on using products up is working! 

Are you trying to use up your product a little more this year too?

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