Friday, November 6, 2020

Five on Friday - November 6, 2020

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you've had a great week - I've found this week pretty stressful, with huge jump in case numbers and the U.S. election craziness, it's just been a long week. But, it's my birthday tomorrow so I'm looking forward to that! 


I purchased everything in this post - this post contains affiliate links

If you guys don't follow my on instagram, then you haven't seen our family Halloween costumes! We went with a full Nightmare Before Christmas look - Lock, Oogie Boogie, Jack and Sally. I was really hoping Elliott would let me paint his Jack face, but he look super cute with his mask on and the costumes turned out great (especially with not much to do for the night).

We dod go trick-or-treating, and everyone was so creative and made it a really great night. It was certainly quieter, but we enjoyed it! 


I really wished I could have had a Halloween party this year, but of course it just wasn't possible because of covid. So, I still did some Halloween baking - I made Jack Skellington macarons and they turned out so good! Plus, I made a Dirt and Worm cake with mint oreos to make it Oogie Booie style!


Throughout all this, I have been maintaining my Monthly Makeup Baskets and here is a look at what I'm using for November:
  • Becca Apres Ski Glow Face Palette - okay, I got this back in a Lucky bag and I've only used this a little bit - I do like the shades, but I tend not to reach for all my face palettes, so I'm looking forward to getting use out of it! 
  • Too Faced Tutti Frutti Fruit Cocktail Blush Duo in Strobeberry - I actually used this in my very first Monthly Makeup Basket last January and I probably haven't reached for it much since, I find it a little shimmery, but it is pretty! 
  • Buxom Wanderlust Primer-Infused Blush in Ibiza ~ This formula was really hyped up last year and it's a really pretty brush, but it's super pigmented and I tend to prefer a more buildable formula, so I don't reach for it very often! 
  • Jouer Powder Highlighter in Funfetti ~ I got this fun, shimmery highlighter in a Christmas set a couple of years ago and it's pink and iridescent and pretty! 
  • Rodeo Drive Highlighter by OFRA Cosmetics ~ This is old Favourite from May 2017 and it's really pretty - it's just an older product that I haven't reached for in a while and I like to get some use our of it! 
I'm looking forward to using these all month! 


I placed a little order and picked up some new snacks - the Watkins Organic Everything Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend (this has been so hyped up), the Fatso High Performance Crunchy Salted Caramel Peanut Butter (also, I've heard so much about this lately!), and a bunch of Brami Lupini Beans because these are literally my favourite snacks! Plus, I picked up my favourite Marvis toothpaste! 


Did you guys watch The Mandalorian season 2 this past week when it started?! We really enjoyed the first episode and I'm so happy to have more Baby Yoda in my life! 

I hope you all have a great weekend! 

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