Friday, April 19, 2019

Five on Friday - April 19, 2019

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have an amazing weekend - we have a nice long weekend coming up! As this is posting, we are enjoying ourselves at the family cabin in B.C., so it is probably going to be a little quiet around here on the weekend! 


8 cakes calgary Easter

Happy Easter weekend everyone! I hope you all have an amazing weekend! We are going to eat all these delicious Easter treats (the mini egg cupcakes are from Crave and the adorable macarons are from 8 Cakes) and they are all delicious! Yum! We will also being spending lots of time with the family and getting a little visit from the Easter bunny! 


Was anyone else as excited as I was that Game of Thrones finally started on Sunday!!! We have been waiting forever and this season is going to go so fast with only 6 episodes! I picked up some Game of Thrones beer for us to have while we watched too - I'm so excited to see how the series will end! 


I've talked a fair bit about Topbox Circle - it's similar to an Influenster or Chick Advisor program, where you are sent free products for review. This was just a little sample to try from them and it's a Lancome mascara primer which I don't normally use, so I'm looking forward to trying it! 


Anyone else around here subscribed to Fabletics?! I finally unsubscribed - I've skipped months for basically forever; but, this month was the second time they have charged my card after I've skipped the month, so I just cancelled because that's garbage. But, since I was charged, I did pick up this adorable set and I really do love their leggings! I went with the extra long version and was very happy I did! This print and style is so good. The sports bra is just okay - it's not super supportive, so I probably won't get much use out of it! 


Oooooh - this might not look amazing; but, I have two new kitchen gadgets that I'm in love with! I have been talking about getting a wok for so long (I don't know what I've been waiting for), but this is giant cast iron wok and it's lovely. And, I finally used my pressure cooker for the first time! It was a wedding shower gift almost 4 years ago and I was too scared to use it; but, I put raw meatballs and sauce in there and it was delightful! will be using it more for sure!

I hope you all have a great Easter weekend! 


  1. Boooo to Fabletics charging you!! That sucks! And yayy for GoT! I get so stressed watching the show because I get so emotionally invested, but I love it all the same! Happy Easter!

    1. Hahaha - I'm getting stressed thinking of who is going to die this season on GoT! It's going to fly by! Happy Easter Jayne!