Saturday, December 29, 2018

Five on Saturday - December 29, 2018

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday season - I have been off of work for the week, so I feel like i'm in this weird limbo time; but, I have been spending lots of time with my family! 


I had such an amazing Christmas with my favorite boys! Damian and Elliott were a blast opening presents and were so much fun! Mitch got to be home in the morning and watch the boys open their presents, and then he had to work. But, we are so used to shift work, so it's not a big deal! My family came over and spent the night with up and it was perfect! 

And, during this week too - little Elliott turned 20 months! So crazy - his favorite activity of the week is sledding! We've gone twice! But, he got a little sick so we've had to take it easy the past couple of days! 

Here's a look at a few of my Christmas goodies! My husband surprised the family with a Super Nintendo - this is perfect; because, I still have one from the 90's and she is getting rusty and has been dying on me when I try to play it! Plus, some fun cat socks, bath goodies, chocolate and that kind of fun stuff! And, I got a brand new set of Harry Potter books, which I needed! My husband has been watching our little one tear about my bookshelf - specifically my Harry Potter books and it's been heart breaking!


I generally avoid the mall on Boxing Day; but, this year I decided to go out with my mom and sister (it reminded me why shopping with a toddler is mostly about chasing them around!) But, I did find a great sale for Gap and I got this jacket regular $100 for only $31 and it's so cute. Seriously, I never buy myself new clothes anymore, so this month with a little lululemon haul and a new jacket is pretty crazy! 

And, the only other thing I picked up on Boxing Day was the Beautylish Lucky Bag! 


Alright, time for a recap of my 2018 Advent Calendar! This year I went with the LookFantastic Beauty Advent Calendar as the past year's calendars have looked amazing! I was super excited; but, if I'm being totally honest, I was a little let down overall. 

Don't get me wrong, there is some great products - the Illamasqua Beyond Powder – Deity is full size, and the Sleek MakeUP i-Divine Mineral Based Eyeshadow Palette are the most exciting certainly! 

But, I was looking forward to getting some great skincare and we got massage oil, toothpaste, tanning drops which seemed like weird fillers to me. Plus, lotion, bath gel, a dual ended brush. There was a few things that just didn't excite me that much. There is some new brands to me - so I will happily try out the masks, I just wanted a little more overall. Plus, they included a High Definition Brows x lookfantastic Exclusive Contour and Colour Pro Palette that they have as worth £60, which clearly bumped up that overall value! So it was good, just not as amazing as I was expecting!


And, here is my last two palettes of the week - the ColouPop Element of Surprise and Modern Renaissance. Both were good, but I don't think that I could use either to their full potential during my work week. So, I have to make sure that during the weekends I dip in to these more! 

You can see the ColourPop Element of Surprise in action here - swatches and a tryon (plus a matching nail look! And, if you want to see looks and swatches of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, you can see my post here

Ahhh - it's my last Five on Friday of 2018! I hope you all have an amazing New Years and wishing you all the best in 2019! Cheers! 

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